Red Bull Air Force member Miles Daisher kicked off the downtown Tampa celebration with a B.A.S.E. Jump.

In celebration of the revitalization of downtown Tampa, Red Bull Air Force member Miles Daisher amazed onlookers as he B.A.S.E. jumped from the top of the Skypoint condo building and had a precision landing in the newest centerpiece of the city, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park.  Tampa has had several recent public openings in the area along the waterfront including the grand opening of Glazer Children’s Museum.

After meeting Daisher at Red Bull Air Race New York, several officials from the City of Tampa couldn’t wait to have him come down to Florida to demonstrate what he does best -- jump off of a perfectly good building.

“I know that Miles is well trained and he’s a professional,” said Pam Iorio, Mayor of Tampa. She went on to comment with a smile, “but caution to the young people…don’t try this at home.” 
Unofficially, Daisher has logged more B.A.S.E. jumps that anyone else in the world. Today in Tampa he logged number 2,730 and 2,731. Once upon a time, B.A.S.E. jumping and skydiving were brand-new sports, and Daisher was a pioneer in both of them -- pushing the limits and taking on new challenges to constantly evolve his wings in the air.

Daisher and other members of the Red Bull Air Force will star in the upcoming film “Human Flight 3-D,” an innovative 3-D experience that allows theatergoers to virtually strap on a parachute and a wingsuit and fly along with the world’s top precision skydiving and BASE jumping team.




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