StarCraft II player Chris Lee aka Quantic.Illusion

Chris Lee, better known as Quantic.Illusion, is without doubt one of the rising stars of the SC2 professional scene. Illusion, who is only 16, has often been overlooked as “just another” player in the open bracket at large events. However, anyone who takes a moment to watch one of his micro-intensive games or look over some of his recent tournament matches can immediately see that there is more to this terran than meets the eye.

Although he has had no first-place finishes at major events, Illusion has done extremely well for being relatively new and unknown. Last November, he crawled through the open bracket at MLG Providence to 24th place overall. While this may not seem very impressive at first glance, the MLG Providence open bracket has been largely considered one of the most intimidating open brackets at a live event of all time.

From there, Illusion went on to achieve a second-place finish at the One Nation of Gamers Invitational, where he finished second in his group before finally losing to Team Empire’s Kas in the finals. Just a few weeks ago, Illusion came extremely close to taking the first place prize at IGN’s “Ye Olde Map Tournament,” defeating DeMusliM, NonY and Sleep before losing 2:3 to qxc in a nail-biting finish.

Last month, Illusion wowed the world with his incredible performance at one of the most competitive and prestigious tournaments in the world, the IPL 4. In the open bracket, Illusion smashed through Team Liquid’s Code A zerg, Zenio. After being knocked to the loser’s bracket, Illusion defeated the Korean terran SlayerSRyung and current Code S protoss player FnaticOz. Illusion’s victories were no simple luck, but a direct result of his relentless practice, innovation, and skill. At IPL 4, Illusion breezed through three current and former Code S superstars, proving that he has what it takes to triumph at the highest level.

Perhaps most impressive about Illusion’s results, however, is his quick and undeniable progress. A year ago, Illusion was a teamless zerg player. Until recently, he had participated in very few major events and was relatively unknown to the community. However, Illusion’s rapid improvement and impressive results at such a young age make him a force to be reckoned with.

Will Illusion be able to continue the trend of domination he has established? How will he fare versus the seasoned veterans at Red Bull Battlegrounds? If history is any indication, Illusion’s games promise to be entertaining and packed with surprises.

I had the opportunity to talk to Chris to get his thoughts and predictions about Red Bull Battlegrounds. Here is what he had to say:

How do you think you will do in Red Bull Battlegrounds? Do you have any particular goal?

I don't have any predictions but my goal is to make it out of groups, which is going to be really tough.

Your group is the only group with no protoss players. How do you feel about the state of your TvT and TvZ?

I've been practicing TvT a bunch so I am fairly confident vs ganzi. Stephano and Violet have completely different styles so it's a bit hard to prepare for but I'm trying.

Have you been doing anything in particular to prepare for the event? If so, what?

I've just been playing extensive TvZ/TvT with my practice partners, nothing too special.

Is there anyone in the tournament you are worried about?

All the players in this tournament are very good but I'm mostly worried about my group -- Stephano + Violet. Violet recently won MSI Battlegrounds and MLG Winter Arena; he's on a roll. Stephano is just Stephano, nothing to be messed with.

Where do you see yourself in a year?

I see myself still involved in esports, overall a better player.

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