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A little more than 48 hours after Jenson Button cruised to victory in the Belgium Grand Prix, the Internet is still abuzz with fallout from the big crash at the first corner that took out championship leader Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

But that's not all. Here are some other hot topics that have the world of Formula One abuzz, even two days after the grand prix:

Hamilton Tweets Telemetry, Button Fumes

At this moment, there are probably teams of F1 staffers pouring over McLaren telemetry data tweeted by Hamilton. Hamilton posted the graph during a Twitter vent session Saturday after qualifying a lowly eighth.

He first wrote: "Damn, WTF!! Jenson has the new rear wing on, I have the old. We voted to change, didn't work out. I lose 0.4 tenths just on the straight." Hamilton then posted a picture of telemetry printout (since deleted).

nullCourtesy of McLaren

Button, who recorded his first pole position since joining McLaren, didn't take so kindly to Hamilton revealing team data.

"I'll say disappointed. We work so hard to improve the car and to keep things like that private," Button said, according to Planet F1. "I didn't want to see it on Twitter. It was the whole telemetry from qualifying. It wasn't just the rear wing. I was very surprised and disappointed."

D'Ambrosio Replacing Grosjean at Monzao

Jerome D'Ambrosio will replace Romain Grosjean for Team Lotus at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza this weekend. Grosjean was served a one-race ban after colliding with Hamilton at the first corner.

The crash eliminated points leader Fernando Alonso and Hamilton, who had been third in the championship.

“I'm disappointed because of the points lost," said Alonso. "But I'm also lucky that I can be in the car in five days at Monza because looking at the image, we were turning in so you could have a problem with your hands or even your head because [Grosjean's] car was so close."

Vettel Jumps to Second in the Title Hunt

nullClive Mason/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel used a risky one-stop strategy to reach second on the podium at Spa. Combined with Alonso's retirement, Vettel was able to leapfrog over teammate Mark Webber in the championship standings. Vettel is now 24 points adrift from Alonso.

Webber, meanwhile, had to start 12th after his RB8 required an unscheduled gearbox change. He rose as high as fourth in the race but was passed by Vettel and Felipe Massa. He finished sixth

“The stars just didn’t line up too much after the first lap really," the Aussie said. "I had a bit of luck there but after that pretty much not. We got some good points, but it would have been nice to get a few more.”

Closed Cockpits on Fast Track?

The first-corner melee looked nasty and it could have been even nastier. Freeze-frame images show that Grosjean's Lotus came within inches of Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso's head.

The close call has brought the simmering issue of closed cockpits back to the fore. There's even the possibility of seeing closed cockpits in F1 within a couple of years.

"I think 2014 is intended, as we started the project a year ago," Paddy Lowe, McLaren's technical director, told Autosport.

Lowe, who has been involved in work on the cockpit project, added, "You see it time and time again and think, 'that was lucky.' One day it won't be lucky. At the same time it is an open cockpit formula so we have to protect that, but it should be technically possible one way or another."

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