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Sandro Dias is not only an X Games gold medalist, but he’s also one of the world’s most exciting athletes to roll on a skateboard. The Brazilian native uses his spectacular skills to make everything look effortless on the ramp, even a trick as hard as the 540 (one-and-a-half rotations), which is why he is known in the skateboarding world as “The King of the 540.”

Inspired by skateboarding legends Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero, Sandro practiced hard as a young kid and learned a new trick every day, which he still does as a veteran professional.

When Sandro is not making 540s look as routine as a paper route, he’s also pretty badass at pulling off the 900 (two and a half rotations landing with the opposite foot forward). In fact, he’s only one of a handful of skaters who have ever pulled the 900, which is why we scoured the depths of the Internet to compile the best Sandro Dias videos so far.

5. Effortless Backside 540

Sandro shows off his skills at the 2006 Bank of the West Beach Games Soul Bowl with a fluid and effortless backside 540.


4. Sandro’s Run at Dew Tour Boston 2010

Sandro’s run in Boston was good enough to earn him second place in the Vert Finals thanks to a massive kick-flip indie and a crowd pleasing gnar-jar.


3. Slow Motion Flight

Filmed at 1,000 frames per second using NAC Image Technologies cameras, you can watch every second of Sandro’s flight in full detail.


2. Sandro Lands a Fluid 900

While competing at the Maloof Money Cup, Sandro throws down a silky smooth 900.


1. Sandro’s First-Ever 900 at Latin X Games

While at Latin X Games in 2004, Sandro pulls off his first-ever 900, much to the delight of the Rio de Janeiro crowd.


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