Big Once in Las Vegas Kris Krug/Red Bull Media House

Big Once, the 2011 Red Bull Thre3style U.S. champion, is welcoming the 2012 World Finalists to his hometown of Chicago with open arms. 

“Earlier today, Nedu Lopes said, ‘Being here is so huge for me because Chicago changed my life,’” says Big Once, referring to the Red Bull Thre3Style finalist from Brazil.

Below, Big Once lists his top five essential hip-hop tracks from Chicago.

“With Chicago house music being so huge in South America, coming to the city for the World Finals is a really big deal for him," he explains further. "A lot of these international guys view Chicago as a mecca for dance music.”

1. Crucial Conflict - 'Hay'

2. Kanye West - 'Through The Wire'

3. All Natural - '50 Years'

4. Do Or Die - 'Po Pimp'

5. King Louie - 'Val Venis'

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