Blink-182 has returned to the music scene in spectacular fashion, as the legendary pop-punk trio is currently headlining the 10th Annual Honda Civic Tour in support of their recently-released sixth studio album “Neighborhoods.”

Tom DeLonge, co-vocalist and guitarist of Blink-182, sat down with Red Bull USA to talk about the five most influential bands that helped mold the California pop-punk trio into the musicians they are today.

Stiff Little Fingers

DeLonge: I would have to say Stiff Little Fingers, a punk band out of Ireland. I got way into them before I got into The Clash -- the same kind of style. Amazing songwriters. Really good songwriters.

Depeche Mode/New Order

DeLonge: I would put Depeche Mode and New Order in the same [spot] because both of those bands filled a melodic and electronic kind of [void] for me when I was in junior high and high school. Everything about their music -- I learned so much of my melodic structures from those guys.


DeLonge: As far as songs, they’re aspirational, diverse and stand the test of time. There are only three rock bands in history that have done what U2 has done – also included are the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. I mean, there is nobody else in that group. They might be “The Beatles” for this generation if you look at everything they’ve done.


DeLonge: Fugazi was the first punk band that went artistic (laughs). Ya know? A lot of punk bands went [on to become] great songwriters like The Police, but Fugazi went artistic. They were cool and they stood for something and never varied from that path. Intense emotion and performance, and I think the passionate delivery of their music -- it was insane. A whole different level.

The Descendents

DeLonge: Everything about how I sing and play guitar came from this band -- absolutely. They’re also funny -- [they have] lots of personality. They sing about Mexican food, they sing about fishing, they sing about coffee and they sing about girls and relationships, and Blink is absolutely a product of The Descendents.


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