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Michael Beran has put the Czech Republic on the BMX map in a big way, blasting out of the Central European country with some of the biggest tricks in the sport. A top contender at ramp contests worldwide, Beran recently won the two-man team competition at Red Bull Metro Pipe in Madrid with Spaniard Daniel Peñafiel. Known for flashy moves over box jumps and on quarterpipes, “Berry” has steadily built his reputation with trips all over Europe and to the U.S. for events and filming missions.


Speaking of filming, Beran and a visionary production crew recently wrapped up an ambitious project, in which they set out to show us a glimpse of the rider’s daily routine in a whole new way, far more involved than the typical web video. Using high-speed cameras and a slew of constructed scenes, Beran’s day is compressed into exciting and creative visuals, punctuated by his incredible riding. But Berry didn't set out to ride BMX.

"My early dream was I would like to ride motocross," he told Rebel.tv last year. "Like FMX stuff. Do supercross, wear a helmet and go pretty fast and do jumps. Then I saw [BMX] and a light went on in my mind. I said, 'It's cheaper, so I can ask my parents to buy it and I can try it.' In the first go, I didn't know what to do. So [my first] year, I was jumping from corner to corner, doing some manuals. Then I found some websites about BMX and found out the history of BMX, and everything changed."

Always striving to be original, the 23-year-old rider continues to push both himself and the sport, landing progressive moves like the double tailwhip flair and always looking ahead to the sickest new tricks.

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