Pedro Barros skies high in the Vans Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington David Read/Red Bull Media House

Pedro Barros displayed a barrage of power moves and flair, which we're accustomed to seeing from the 17-year-old Brazilian, but in the end they weren't enough to push him past Josh Rodriguez, who captured the Vans Bowl-A-Rama season opener in Wellington, New Zealand, and ended Barros's streak of major bowl wins.

Steve Caballero, at 48-years-young, took top honors in the Masters division. But in the Pro division, youth was being served. Alex Sorgente, at all of 15, finished third. Pedro Barros, who was second in the contest, went through a huge array of lip-trick combos and huge airs. Early on, he nailed a big 540 in the deep end that sent the crowd into a fury, made long backside and frontside smiths, tweaked indy airs to new angles and nailed an absolutely huge frontside, which brought the house down.

nullPedro Barros, Josh Rodriguez and Alex Sorgente at the 2013 Vans Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington, New Zealand/David Read/Red Bull Media House

But Rodriguez was better. He served up fast lines and an amazing array of tricks. He blasted huge stalefish airs, nailed egg plants, fast grinds, backside and frontside lipslides, body jars, big frontside bonelesses and an amazing frontside bluntslide in the deep pocket. The icing on the cake was a super clean 540, the first one he landed in three months.

“I'm so stoked and excited, it was a crazy competition.” said Rodriguez. “I went in with the mindset knowing that Pedro was going to win and I was going to settle for fifth. So the fact that I won is unbelievable and I can't wait for the next one!”

The next stop on the Vans Bowl-A-Rama tour is Bondi Beach in Australia on February 23.


  Pro Division Masters Division
First Josh Rodriguez Steve Caballero
Second Pedro Barros Sergie Ventura
Third Alex Sorgente Pat Nhogo

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