DOMkey vs VillN in finals of Red Bull BC One US Qualifier 2012 Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House

What better way to start the week than marveling over some interstellar breakdance battles, such as this one between DOMkey, a b-boy from Philadelphia, and VillN, from Sacramento, at the Red Bull BC One North American Qualifier, which took place Saturday night at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

Red Bull BC One is one of the most prestigious breakdancing compeitions in the world. In Chicago, 16 b-boys battled it out in front of more than 1,500 fans and three judges (Ronnie, the 2007 Red Bull BC One champion; Machine, representing the Rockforce and Zulu Kings crews; and Float, from Incredible Breakers) to see who would represent North America in the world finals in Rio de Janeiro in December.

In the end, DOMkey took down VillN in the final round, which you can watch below. “It feels great," said DOMkey. "I always kind of doubt myself because I am my hardest critic. So when I do win, it is always 10 times better, and it feels really good right now!”

The 14 other elite b-boys who shared the stage with the two finalists were: Ken Fury (from New York CIty), Evol (Chicago), Ronnie Ruen (Los Angeles), Tata (Brooklyn), Nasty Nate (Houston), Fleau (Canada), Mijo (Milwaukee), MN Joe (Minneapolis), Bebo (Brockton), Prada G (Los Angeles), Mig 187 (Las Vegas), Omen (Homestead), Stripes (Tampa) and Kid Cruz (Denver).

Rock Steady Crew’s own Skeme Richards threw down the tracks while RAKAA, representing the Dilated Peoples, the Rock Steady Crew and Universal Zulu Nation hosted for the night.

Check out more battles at Red Bull Music's YouTube page.

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