Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung makes some of the most horrifying rap on the market, as evidenced by his new album, “Coathanga Strangla,” which details a man’s descent into insanity. So it only made sense to talk with Brotha Lynch Hung about horror movies; we sat down with the Sacramento rhyme legend to get his Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time.

5. Salem’s Lot (1979)

Brotha Lynch Hung: It was the first horror flick that really scared me when I was a kid. That movie came out years ago. Over the years, I would go back and find it somewhere, on the Internet or whatever, and watch it and it gave me the same feeling as when I was a kid.

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4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Brotha Lynch Hung: The original. The new one, it’s cool. I like the original probably because I saw that when I was younger, too, and it had an impact. I love that one. It was more believable to me when I was younger.

This new one, it doesn’t quite do it for me. Leatherface, that scream he used to do, boy, that used to have me tripping out. When he’d run with the chainsaw and he’s doing that little weird scream he used to do, that used to trip me out.

I didn’t really understand the story back then. I just was looking forward to when he came on the screen and him doing whatever he was doing. I never really paid attention to the story.

3. Saw (2004)

Brotha Lynch Hung: I like how the writer continued on with the story. Usually I don’t like when people do part two, part three, part four, but I think the writer’s done a good job with keeping the story going without feeling like you’re about to watch a boring part six.

The subject matter of Saw was great. I liked the way they played the little games that made you think. They kept the intensity up and it made me watch part two and then part three. Hopefully I can become one of those type of writers because it didn’t get boring to me.

2. Halloween II (2009)

Brotha Lynch Hung: I usually don’t like part twos and threes and fours, but that particular one kind of gave me the same feeling that the very first one did when it first came out, which isn’t even in my Top 5, so to put this one there is kind of crazy.

This one was good. When they went back to the kid and took him back to when he was young, they basically gave Michael Myers a life before all this killing he was doing. liked how they did that. The kid was an only child. He was a lonely child and it kind of reminds me of myself a little bit. He wasn’t that sociable. He kind of reminds me of myself growing up. That’s the feeling I got when I watched it.

1. Hostel (2005)

Brotha Lynch Hung: The thought of you taking a trip, somewhere you’ve never been like Slovakia and seeing a different part of the earth and all this crazy stuff starts happening, it seems like it could happen out there. I’ve never been there, so I don’t know.

But that kind of leaves it open. I loved the writing in that movie. I even watched Hostel Part II. Out of all the movies, it seems more logical, something that could happen in a normal, today time. Who’s going to run around with a chainsaw and a mask on their face today as a serial killer?

It’s going to be more disguised. With Hostel, they kept it hidden. You can walk around and be a normal person or you can be a person who gets trapped in this thing, letting women and temptations grab you and you end up in some weird place getting your fingers cut off. That kind of helped it out.

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