If you can’t find what you love in New York City, then it doesn’t exist. On Monday night, Maya Gabeira arrived straight from California and met up with Carissa Moore at the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey, right across the Hudson River from NYC, for the Carissa and Maya Project.

New York pulses with an energy like nowhere else. From fashion models to business moguls and every tagger, hipster, rocker, mover and shaker, they’re all moving to the unmistakable beat of the city.

Carissa had already made the trip from Montauk to the city and did some exploring around Times Square on Monday night. Together they took to the streets of New York on Tuesday.

Most of the day was spent meeting with various media sources. When you’re No. 8 in the world or a woman who rides 40-foot mountains of water, there are a few people who want a word.

No one comes to New York without sampling the culinary wonder, and even with their veg-heavy, natural-food diets, the girls were delighted with their choices.

After their final meeting of the day, it was off to the Bronx, where the legendary New York hip-hop artist Jay-Z was rocking Yankee Stadium with Eminem and a string of special guests including Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, and 50 Cent.

“It was surreal,” said Maya, “Yankee Stadium was so full of people and energy.”

There’s one thing New York City didn’t have and that’s giant waves, the passion of Maya’s life. But the beaches of Long Island and New Jersey are just a short drive or train ride away. As Carissa bid goodbye to her friends in New York to return to her World Tour training, Maya got ready to head to Belmar on Thursday.

The New York and New Jersey girls are stoked. While Montauk may have been flat, massive Category 4 Hurricane Igor is getting wild in the Atlantic. It might not be Jaws or Dungeons, but there’s some potential that Belmar could pump this weekend for Maya and the ladies.

Stay tuned for more from the Carissa and Maya Project.



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