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Pro BMX Park rider Daniel Dhers has had a good summer, but that’s not really a big surprise. When your gig involves traveling all over the world and riding your bike, your days tend to land in the “good” category more often than not.

It’s not necessarily a permanent vacation, however. A few months ago, Dhers faced the world’s best riders in Los Angeles to defend his X Games Park title and had to work hard for the back-to-back win, his fourth gold at X Games. Sprinkle in a handful of other events, trips to Europe and Latin America and a bit of guitar playing, and you’ve got Daniel’s summer in a nutshell.

Red Bull USA caught up with Daniel during a relaxing trip home to Venezuela and got the low-down on how the summer season shaped up for him…

Red Bull USA: Where are you at the moment and how’s your summer been going?

Dhers: Right now I’m in Caracas. I’ve been traveling a lot so I needed to come home, see my cats, my friends and some of my family. It’s been a good summer so far, it’s just been long with so much traveling. I love competing, but the traveling part can get hectic at times.

Red Bull USA: You’ve been all over the world again this summer; where have you been and what’s been your favorite place so far?

Dhers: I’ve been to France, Germany, Maryland, Los Angeles for X Games, Croatia, France again, Denmark, Argentina and Caracas. I think my favorite has been Croatia. For some reason that place just has good vibes; it’s really cool and the people there are just super nice. Besides that I’d say maybe France, and I had a lot of fun at X Games this year, too.

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Red Bull USA: Speaking of X Games, congrats on winning your fourth X Games gold medal in Park and defending your title!

Dhers: Thanks! Going into the finals, I didn’t have too many more tricks that I hadn’t done already and knew I needed to just go for something new to win. I had been eyeing up that step-down 720 since I got there. It was so sketchy but in that situation you just have to make it work. I didn’t really like that course so much but I just tried to find a good line and do some tricks and it ended up working out. I’m stoked.

Red Bull USA: Did you end up doing anything cool to celebrate?

Dhers: Yeah, we went to the W [hotel] and man, it was just insane! We had bottles of Dom Perignon, we had vodka, we had everything -- it was seriously out of hand. The whole Red Bull team was there and Red Bull really knows how to make a party work!

Red Bull USA: You also recently won the BMX Street Station contest over in Lyon, France; how was that contest?

Dhers: It was cool, man. It was five or six box jumps -- pretty much an awesome wooden rhythm section and also a great excuse to go to France. The jumps felt good and I had a great time. I really enjoyed it and would like to go back next year.

BMX Street Station Contest Video:

Red Bull USA: Who’s your favorite rider to hang out with when you’re at contests; anyone you kick it with all the time?

Dhers: Yeah, Mark Webb. I feel like we were really competitive and stuff before -- I mean, we're still competitive -- but it’s really fun now. When I’m at contests he’s the one I always end up kicking it with and having a good time.

Red Bull USA: Your sponsor POC helmets in conjunction with Red Bull released an amazing video of you riding with Red Bull teammates Danny MacAskill and Martin Soderstrom over in Sweden. What was it like to ride and film with those riders instead of other BMXers?

Dhers: It was crazy; I didn’t really know what to expect. Danny and Marty both blew my mind. Danny seriously does not care -- he just jumps the biggest things right off the bat. Marty, he’s pretty much a BMXer on a mountain bike. Everything he did was amazing; I’d say he was riding street way better than I was.

It was cool because we also went to really different places and the whole idea was just really cool. The funny part was, every time we went somewhere and Marty and I couldn’t do anything, we’d say, “Let’s call Danny,” and he’d see or find something we couldn’t and make it work.

POC Bike Excursion Video:

Red Bull USA: What have you been doing in your downtime this summer?

Dhers: I’ve been playing a lot of guitar. I feel like I’m really on and off with it but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Red Bull USA: What’s on your schedule for the rest of the summer?

Dhers: I’m going to Dew Tour in Las Vegas and then I have a contest in Chile. I also have a bunch of other events that are not competitions. Right now, my goal is just to stay healthy, ride hard and hopefully film something by the end of the year and do something different. With the Dew Tour [title] not really being in my reach, it changes a lot of things so I’m trying to focus on some other stuff.

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