Julian Wilson in action at Teahupoo in 2011 Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Media House

It may only be Julian Wilson's second year on the world tour but it feels like the Australian has been around as long as Taylor Knox. Okay, maybe not that long. But Wilson is definitely making a name for himself as a top and stylish performer.

Wilson threw down a near-perfect wave in Brazil then backed that up with a stellar run in Fiji, reaching the quarterfinals -- and that was after he had his wisdom teeth pulled.

He posted the teeth on Twitter, where he recently linked to a photo of a high-tech Phantom camera, which is being used to film him and fellow Red Bull surfer Jordy Smith in Reunion Island. What's he doing there? Stay tuned...

Jules, first things first, what was more painful, having your teeth ripped out or wiping out at Fiji?

Teeth for sure. Luckily I didn't wipe out too bad in Fiji! But I'd take a lot of wipeouts before getting my teeth pulled again.
Talk us through those waves in Fiji. Mick Fanning reckoned some sets rolled in at over 25 feet..

Yeah, I wouldn't disagree with that! The huge day, when they called the comp off I had a good surf at Restaurants feeling it out for the comp the next day. I watched the crazy stuff on the TV in between surfs!

nullTrent Mitchell/Red Bull Media House

It looked scary. What was the blow-out moment for you?

For sure that wave Raoni Monteiro got in the morning. It was huge when they ran those two heats. He got so piped and did amazingly well and then got blown up! It was crazy.

Comp-wise, you must be pretty happy with the result given the size and inconsistency of the waves at times in the heats...

Yeah, definitely. Always happy to walk away with a quarterfinal finish from anywhere! Considering that was my first trip to Fiji, I’m very satisfied.

Now, what about Kirra in Australia last week?

We had a super fun surf at Kirra on Mick's birthday last week! It looked a little better than it actually was, but Burleigh the next day was even better! So fun. Anytime I get waves close to home I feel really lucky. I spend such little time there that it's a real bonus to time it with good conditions. Epic to get some waves with the boys up there last week!
And you’re back to the States now; what's the plan for the next few weeks before Tahiti?

I'm actually in Reunion Island with Jordy Smith -- yeah, Red Bull -- doing some filming and checking this place out. So far, so good. Then I'm doing a boat trip to Indo before heading to California. It’s tough. Haha. But I cant wait for Tahiti!
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