Chiddy Bang Chiddy Bang

When it’s time to write a rap, Chiddy Bang’s Chiddy lets his emotions guide him. “My writing is really feelings-based,” says Chiddy, who is joined in Chiddy Bang by Xaphoon Jones.

“It’s really whatever the beat makes me feel at the time,” he continues. “I just go spontaneously off of the energy that I get when I hear the beat. It’s my first thought, my first instinct. I could freestyle for a minute, just coming up with spontaneous shit.”

Chiddy’s writing process isn’t a one-take type of thing, however. It goes in stages, something that will be on full display throughout the duo’s debut album, “Breakfast,” which is slated for a November 15 release.

“I would say that my writing style is a combination of freestyle and executing the freestyle in revision,” says Chiddy, who was in New York working on mixtape material. “I think out something, write out a couple bars. The beat’s still playing and I’ll come up with a couple more in my head on some freestyle stuff and I’ll write it out and revise it.”

“Sometimes it takes me a long time to write a verse,” he continues. “I could hear a beat and be on it for two hours just writing and getting the verse down. That means that I’m just getting it down meticulously. Sometimes it doesn’t take me any time; I could hear a different beat with a different vibe and I’ll get it done in 15 minutes.”

Chiddy Sets New Guinness World Record

Of course, Chiddy can rap for much longer than 15 minutes. In April, he spit for more than nine hours straight, earning the Guinness World Records title for the “Longest Freestyle Rap.”

Although he says he had never rapped for more than 35 minutes straight before he tried to set the world record, Chiddy indirectly set himself up to go for the title during his early visits to the MTV offices, where he routinely dazzled staff members with his extended freestyles.

“The Guinness thing was not my idea,” Chiddy says. “I wasn’t like, ‘Yo. I think today I want to break this Guinness record.’ I was approached about it through my manager and MTV. It was something that was in front of me as an opportunity and I’m very much into the freestyling thing -- I’ve been doing it since I was 14 years old.”

“I knew I could freestyle, so it was just me putting that to the ultimate test. At the end of the day, the challenge was that it’s a Guinness World Record. How many people actually can say that they have that? Looking at it from that standpoint, it was something I felt I had to do.”

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