When we first talked to Chingy about his return to the game, he mentioned that his strategy involves the maxim “No risk, no reward.” He believes in it so much that his forthcoming album is entitled “No Risk No Reward 13.” The other thing that Chingy holds close to his heart is his appreciation for the cats that was in the game before him.

As Chingy has another potential hit on his hands with “Super Hero” and as the St. Louis rapper prepares for a USO tour in the Middle East, we sat down with him to get his Top 5 Favorite Rappers of All Time.

5. Snoop Dogg

Chingy: I’ve always been a fan of Snoop Dogg’s since he came out with his lyrical, kind of laid-back style. He had his own identity with the dogg thing. I always thought that Snoop was this pimp, player, gangster type of dude in his music. I’m a laid-back dude myself and I’m kind of like that, so that’s why I really, really felt him in that way.

I just love his music, man. Snoop is a very cool dude, a very humble dude. He’s just a real guy.

4. Lil Wayne

Chingy: Me listening to music coming up, Lil Wayne has always been around with Cash Money. When they made “Guerilla Warfare,” I’d always liked Wayne since back then, when he was like 12, 13. I’ve always been a fan of Wayne’s music because back then how he rapped, it’s kind of how I rapped, too.

Being that young and coming from the streets and to see him now and that he’s even bigger than he was, he learned how to transition with his music and just make his music with the times. He’s doing it in a very great way. I’ve always followed Wayne and the Hot Boy$ and their music just because of the struggle and everything he went through to get where he’s at right now.

3. 2Pac

Chingy: He was very inspiring. He was very intelligent about the world and about revolution and a lot of political topics. You heard it in his music that he cared for a lot of the young guys coming up.

He used to give them game and tell them about the street life, what to watch out for and how it is. He was just an all-around teacher. That’s why I love 2Pac.

2. LL Cool J

Chingy: I definitely grew up off of LL Cool J’s music, being that LL always made the songs for the ladies and he always had the underground, street lyrical songs for the fellas. He was versatile with it.

He was definitely somebody that inspired me because he has longevity. He went over to movies and stuff. He’s definitely an icon and somebody to look up to in this business and say that he did it and I can do it, too.

1. DJ Quik

Chingy: He’s a lyrical genius and he’s a genius in the studio. I worked with him on my first album. He gave me the honor to redo his song “Loked Out Hood” because I’ve always wanted to redo that song. He actually remade the beat with me in the studio when I redid it. He’s just dope in the studio.

I watched him in the studio and dude is like a scientist. Him and his two guys he works with put on these scientist jackets and they really be dissecting and going to work. He’s just got a great mind and he’s a cool dude, man. He just understands being in this game. I’ve always liked his music and I’ve always been inspired by DJ Quik.

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