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Chuck Aaron, pilot of Red Bull's aerobatic helicopter and a certified (but calculated) madman at the controls, is slated to perform all over the country again in 2013 at air shows and other events from coast to coast. If he's going to be anywhere near where you live, we strongly suggest you grab some tickets and watch him deliver backflips, 360-degree barrel rolls and his signature Chuckcilvak, and much more.

Chuck's the only guy in the States pulling these incredible maneuvers - heck, he's the only civilian pilot even licensed to do it - so missing his show would be a big mistake. Check the schedule below and find out just what Chuck and his chopper can do...


Chuck Aaron's 2013 Show Schedule

March 22-24 NAS Key West, FL
April 19-21 Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 11 Glen Helen, CA, Red Bull X-Fighters
May 14 Naval Helicopter Society, San Diego, CA
May 25-26 Jones Beach, NY
June 8-9 Ocean City, MD
July 4-7 St. Louis, MO
July 12-14 “Wingnuts,” Tarkio, MO
July 21 Laguna Seca Grand Prix, CA
July 29-31 and August 1-3 Oshkosh, WI
August 16-18  Chicago, IL
September 7-8 Catalina, CA
September 20-22 America's Cup, San Francisco
October 4-6 MCAS Miramar, CA
November 27-28 Glamis, CA


Follow Chuck on Twitter to keep up with his latest exploits.



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