Chuck Aaron © Chuck Aaron/Red Bull

In February 2011, Chuck Aaron was officially inducted into the prestigious Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP), an international organization that seeks to promote air safety and contributes to aeronautical advancement by promoting sound aeronautical design and pilot development through the exchange of ideas of its members.

Chuck is one of only 2,381 members from 33 countries in the society.

"This honor is like getting my Ph.D in piloting and aviation," Chuck commented. "My induction into SETP is a true signal that I've reached the top of my game, and I'm truly honored."

As part of Chuck's membership, he will regularly attend quarterly meetings and possible speaking engagements where he'll help to give wings to the ideas of aspiring test pilots worldwide.

Follow Chuck on Twitter to keep up with his latest exploits.

Video: Chuck takes the BO-105 for a spin – a couple of spins, actually
Chuck wins the Art Scholl Showmanship Award
Chuck’s 2011 Show Schedule


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