Circuit of the Americas aerial 2 Chris DeWitt

With the United States Grand Prix a little less than two months away, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, has released aerial photos of the track, which is still under construction.

The track is 3.42 miles in length. For the Formula One race, the cars will lap the track 56 times for a total of 192 miles. The estimated top speed will be about 198 mph along the back straight between turns 11 and 12 (you can see the straight in the above photo on the very right hand side).

The photo below shows the last corner (on bottom right) heading into the front straight with the main grandstand (top) and pit lane (and garages) on opposite sides.

nullChris DeWitt

This is turn 11, which is a sharp hairpin that leads into a long high-speed straight. Drivers are expected to take their car at up to 180 mph into turn 11, before dropping down to 65 mph.

nullChris DeWitt

Here is another view of turn 11.

nullChris DeWitt

This is a great combination -- turns 12 (from left to right) to 15. It was modeled after a series of turns (following a long high-speed straight) at Hockenheim in Germany.

nullChris DeWitt

Here is another view of the front straight. You can expect drivers to hit about 170-180 mph into the first corner (on the left side).

nullChris DeWitt

This is another view of turns 12-15.

nullChris DeWitt


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