Sage Cattabriga-Alosa at Red Bull Cold Rush 2011 Day 3 Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

If there’s quiet after a storm, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is enjoying just that sitting on a bench on Main Street in Silverton, Colorado. It’s the morning after Red Bull Cold Rush and a post-event party that went deep into the night.

Cattabriga-Alosa stood on the podium last night, just below Sean Pettit, taking second place in his third appearance at the contest. He missed last year’s event when he got the call that Alaska was going off and there was a heli up there waiting for him. Understandable.

Cattabriga-Alosa, at the ripe age of 31, has been in the game long enough to be considered a legend, yet his style and flow down the mountain remains among the most progressive. The kids, like Pettit, who dominate the scene now still stand back and watch Sage ski in awe.

We caught Sage as he was about to hit the wild springtime road that would eventually lead, again, to Alaska.

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Sage, you’re no stranger to Red Bull Cold Rush.
This is my third Cold Rush and I think it’s been like every other. I missed last year but I was there the year before, so it’s been a little off-and-on. This time of year is always tough, coordinating with filming in Alaska.

Well, you’re no stranger to the Cold Rush podium, either.
Yeah, yeah - that was two years ago at Retallack. Kye [Peterson] took the win that year; it’s just awesome to ski with him. It was a sick sesh; J.P. [Auclair] was in second and I was third that year.

You moved up a spot this time. How does second at Cold Rush sit with you?
F@#king great, man. I mean, after a couple years the level has definitely gotten higher, and the roster of skiers here was pretty all-time. I didn’t really come in with any expectations; I knew that it was gonna be fun to ski with this posse and that it was going to be a good event.

My strategy was just to stay the course, Steady Eddie, you know, and it paid off. I was toning it down a bit and skiing well, which is what I know how to do best and I just made it happen.

The lines you ski in Alaska make grown men quiver in fear, and you’re comfortable in really, really steep and high-consequence terrain. Did you like the change in terrain from Cold Rush at Retallack to Cold Rush at Silverton Mountain?
Yeah, totally. The venue here definitely was the highest level and it really helped to round out all aspects of this event. The big mountain venue here was a legitimate big mountain venue: big, two-to-three thousand-foot runs full of hazards and pepper. It was really cool because it made everyone take some extra time to think and be cautious and wise on their line selection.

Treadway took the super gnar exposure line and he’s basically trained for that all winter and it’s what he does best. Pretty sweet to see that all come together, and having the kicker zone was pretty all-time too. Retallack was a really sweet setup, so it seemed like it was going to be hard to pull off something better or even comparable, but the jump venue with two jump options and two jumps in a row was a total step up from what we’ve had in the past.

"Everyone here deserves equal praise. Everybody here really skied well and upped the level of what I expected."

The same with the cliff zone. That was a legit venue. Even if we had the whole comp on just that venue - there were tricks and jumps, it was practically a mini-golf zone. So, yeah, Silverton really worked, and I wasn’t really sure how it was going to be.

Where do you go from here?
It’s the spring whirlwind. I’m heading back to Utah and up maybe to Smiley Creek in Idaho for a day. Them I’m in Jackson and back to Utah again and then I’m off to Alaska, all in like the next ten days.

You’ve been filming with Teton Gravity Research and exploring Alaska for quite a few years. Where to this year?
Heading up to the North Chugach, so kind of north of Anchorage. We’re actually hooking up with these Silverton guys. After the season ended here, the owner and some of the guides from here went up to Alaska last year and had some RVs and like a mobile heli operation and they found some really cool terrain. Then they passed along some of that info to us, and now we’re linking up with them this season.

We’ve got a good posse, it’s gonna be sick. It’s kind of the normal TGR crew the first session; it’s Ian [McIntosh], Seth [Morrisson] and myself, which is a pretty standard AK TGR mish, but for the first two weeks we’re bringing in Sammy Carlson, too, so that’ll be a pretty cool combo. Having Sammy and McIntosh on the same trip is pretty polar opposite.

Final thoughts before you make the long drive back to Utah?
Red Bull Cold Rush is a really amazing event. Everyone who’s here deserves equal praise. It’s cool how it all went down this year; everybody here really skied well and upped the level of what I expected. Everyone from athletes to the mega production it took to pull this off, everyone deserves a good pat on the back.

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