Cole Seely with his Anaheim 1 victory trophy Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Coming into the opening round of the 2012 AMA Supercross Series, few could have predicted the beat-down that Red Bull/TLD/Honda’s Cole Seely was about to deliver to the Lites class. Maybe his qualifying time that landed him the second gate pick should have indicated what kind of heat he was packing -- or possibly the preseason rumblings from the TLD camp about Cole “absolutely flying” at the Honda test track should have lent some clues…

Regardless, putting the power to the dirt is what it comes down to at race time, and Seely was the man to get it done at A1. We caught up with Cole after the race to chat about his victory.

You just won Anaheim’s opening round; how do you feel?

I feel like I’ve had the Anaheim curse, having never done well here, but just to get this one out of the way and to end up on top is an awesome feeling, and I’m pumped to get the season under way. I can’t believe I came away on top with the points lead -- it’s going to be a good season -- I’m definitely more fit and more ready than I have ever been, [and] all the hard work is paying off now.

What were your expectations coming into A1? Were you hoping for top-five, a podium, the win?

Realistically, I knew I could win, but I just wanted to put myself in a good position for the season. Looking at the big picture, I didn’t want to get a top-five. At least, that was my last option if I had to come back off a bad start from dead last. You always run through those scenarios in your head, but obviously the best one is to get a holeshot and win. I had to work for it a little bit but I did come out on top, and I’m very excited.

nullGarth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

What did you think of the track? It was a different track tonight, more technical and didn’t really have a great flow to it -- a lot of people didn’t seem to like it.

Actually, I didn’t really like it either. Like you said, the flow was not there. It was definitely challenging, and it did seem to fit my riding style somehow, so that was pretty cool.

What do you think about your bike? Do you feel you’re just as competitive as everyone else out there?

I’ve grown along with the team over the past three years, so I’ve gotten to watch the bikes grow and change, too. Matty, our engine tech, does such great work, and also this year we have a little more support from Pro Circuit with our suspension. We’ve done a lot of testing and I’m really confident with what settings we have and I trust that they work; obviously tonight I proved that they do work.

Will we see you on a 450 in the East Coast rounds or are you just planning to focus on the West Coast?

[Laughs] You’re the hundredth guy to ask me that today -- and I don’t really know yet. If the opportunity presents itself, it will be hard to turn down, but I have to look at the big picture. If I’m in the points lead after San Diego and I get the opportunity, I probably won’t take it just to save myself for the rest of the Lites rides. We just have to see how the situation works out, but I do think it would be a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

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