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With today’s top factory-backed Lites Supercross teams drawing from near-endless R&D budgets and top-secret stashes of exotic race parts, one might assume that the newer satellite squads would be significantly outgunned come race day. While this may be true for some, upon closer inspection of the Red Bull-backed TLD/Honda of Cole Seely, it’s quickly evident that his steed is packed full of goodies that would make even the toughest of competitors take a second glance.

Cole Seely Quick Facts

  • Born March 10, 1990
  • Resides in Newbury Park, California
  • Started riding at Age 3
  • First professional win: L.A. Supercross, January 22, 2011
  • Favorite music: Classic rock and old-school hip-hop

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, Seely proved to the Supercross world that his glorified production machine is every bit as potent as its more proven competitors, as he grabbed the holeshot and led wire-to-wire on the way to his first professional win. And though machine alone is nothing without a worthy pilot, we’re proud to offer up a peek at the mechanical half of the winning Los Angeles Supercross duo.

Without further ado, here’s Cole Seely’s victorious Honda CRF250R…

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From front to back, Seely’s Honda is a true work of art. Though many of the parts and accessories that are visible to the naked eye can be purchased at your local motorcycle shop, the internal workings and countless hours inside the TLD race shop are for Cole’s enjoyment only.

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By lap 15 of a Lites main event, a racer’s body can take a physical beating, but thankfully for Seely, Pro Circuit’s suspension guru, Bones Bacon, handles his Showa A Kit with love, keeping him plush and in the championship hunt. This Showa kit can be bought if you’ve got the dough, but it’s the countless hours of testing and fine-tuning by one of the best in the biz that makes this set extra special.

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Weight saving is the name of the game in Supercross, and Seely’s ultra trick red magnesium anodized hubs offer a significant savings over the stock-issue hubs produced for the Hondas that sit on your local dealer’s floor. Would you like a set? Yeah, us, too, but unfortunately they’re not available to just anyone.

null Matt Pavelek/Red Bull Content Pool

The power plant that ignites Seely’s TLD/Honda is comprised of many parts that are sold over the counter, but it’s what’s inside that produces the real magic. Countless hours on the dyno have helped to evolve this once production cylinder into a fire-breathing beast, thanks greatly to the engine development crew over at Pro Circuit.

In addition, the bike sports a full titanium PC exhaust system that’s equipped with a resonance chamber to cut down the noise level. A Hinson billet clutch cover caps the right side of the motor with style, while helping to reduce oil temperature to prevent overheating and malfunction.

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