"I don't need wind," said Conner Coffin, standing on the deck of the Indies Trader IV as it floated through the Mentawais. "I'm an old school surfer".

Conner's comment was in response to numerous complaints about a lack of onshore wind, coming from some of the other members of the crew on board. Conner and the rest of his trip mates, including Evan Geiselman, Kolohe Andino, Bruce Irons, Adriano De Souza, Jamie O'Brien, Ian Walsh and more, were on the ship for Red Bull's annual Minor Threat boat trip. Also aboard is filmmaker Kai Neville, who'll be cooking up a four-part webisode series, coming at you soon.

Coffin is powerful for a teenager. He surfs with a more traditional style than most of his peers, opting often to wet his rail or plant the back foot into a section rather than taking to the air. Not to say kid can't fly, it's just a deeply-embedded power instinct he has.

This was even more noticeable on the Red Bull Minor Threat trip, where the two guys closest to his skill-level were K-Lo and Ev Geisel -- both of whom are often prone to air-flair.

Bruce Irons sees the traditional power quality in Conner's surfing, and digs it: "I like the way Conner surfs," he says. "It's not just bubblegum."

Source: Stab Magazine. Photo: Ryan Miller.

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