Corey Bohan in the Wizard of Aus

Pro BMX rider Corey Bohan lives a life many of us would trade our own for. With every day wide open to ride trails, surf some waves, get wild at exclusive parties and travel all over the world just to do more of the same, he’s got it good and he knows it.

Find out just how good by watching Bohan’s 12-episode series, called “Wizard of Aus,” debuting on the Red Bull YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 2, at 1:00 p.m. EST. Watch him bounce back and forth between his adopted home in California and his native Australia, hang out with his girlfriend Audrina and hit up some of the biggest BMX events the sport has to offer.

We caught up with Corey on a filming trip in New Zealand to see what he had to say about his new series. With upcoming trips to Australia, London, Las Vegas, Rome and Brazil on his calendar, you won’t want to miss an episode!

First of all, welcome back! You mentioned in the trailer that you haven’t felt this way about riding since you were a kid. How psyched are you right now?

Cheers and thank you. After competing and riding non-stop for almost 10 years, I’ve rarely spent longer than three weeks off my bike. I got hurt and was sidelined for six months -- it was hard. Getting the green light to ride again was everything I was waiting for. As with everything, as bad as it sounds, at some point you take things for granted -- in some ways I think maybe it was meant to happen. After having riding taken away then given back, it just reminded me how lucky I am and how much BMX means to me.


What did you think when the Wizard of Aus project was pitched to you?

My crew at Red Bull told me about an online partnership with YouTube with a hand-picked selection of Red Bull athletes. It was a chance to show people what goes on and have them be a part of my everyday life. It was really easy to get excited about this opportunity to get creative and let my life on and off my bike be shared.

Was there anything you’ve always wanted to do that you were able to make happen with this series?

It was like being a 14-year-old kid and being told by your mum or dad, “Hey son, this weekend you can do whatever you want, just let me know and I'll make it happen.” Imagine all the places you wanted to ride, people you wanted to hang out with, etcetera -- it was all now in reach! If I had a vision, dream and location, it was all now possible.

What can we expect to see throughout the series?

In my series you can expect everything to do with BMX, from roughing it and getting sideways in the woods to five-star hotels and travels to the far corners of the globe. Red-carpet madness in Hollywood, being some sort of a professional athlete and simply being an Aussie kid who loves surfing and getting amongst it.

Do you think people will be surprised when they see what your day-to-day is like?

I think so. Waking up and living every day like it’s Saturday is like an open book. You just never know what's for lunch or what the view is going to be like when you draw back the blinds at first light in a brand new, exotic location.



Do you stress at all about what people might think?

No. If you did, what sort of person would you be? What sort of life would you be living? I’ve always thought that you should have fun, respect those who respect you and soak up the goodness that this world and life has to offer.

You and Audrina are no strangers to having cameras around, but I’m assuming you’re a little more comfortable with it on this project, right?

Right. Being involved with TV and this and that, it's a little funky at first, but in the end, you just deal with it and roll on. When it comes to this series, it's a lot more controlled and less manipulated by producers; it’s all about the goodness and fun that can be had.

Coming back from injury can put a lot on your mind already; were you wary at all about piling this project on top of it?

Injuries are tough. It's part of the game, and you have to expect these things to happen. But having a chance to create this series was perfect. I was given the all-clear to ride again just over two months ago, so yes, I was nervous, but I was also excited to capture my comeback and all the laughs, hurts and fun that come along the way.

Think this will give you a big bump in Twitter followers?

Twitter is taking over the world. If anyone is interested in having a good time, sharing laughs and pictures then follow me @corey_bohan. I'll entertain you one tweet at a time -- you can be sure of that.




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