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Last month, BMX street legend Brian Kachinsky announced the unveiling of a top-secret project: converting an old historic bread factory into a private indoor street-based BMX facility in his hometown of Chicago. Called The Bakery, the facility is no ordinary spot.

With the help of ramp builder extraordinaire, Nate Wessel, they constructed movable, one-of-a-kind, street-style ramps and handrails that can be re-assembled into infinite setups at any time.

Along with the opening, Kachinsky launched a multimedia website to showcase exclusive photos and videos of all the guests he invites to ride the place. Among the first three riders he asked to break it in was Red Bull rider Corey Martinez (pictured above).

The first clips of Martinez’s session emerged in a teaser video on The Bakery’s website called “Preheating.” The video quickly drew over 14,000 views and is still climbing. His much-anticipated full-length edit came out on Monday and that kicked off the series on The Bakery’s website called “Baker’s Dozen”.

Corey’s Take on The New Playground

We recently sat down for a quick interview with Corey to talk about his experience getting to ride The Bakery.

What was your initial reaction when you found out about The Bakery and got invited to be one of the first guests to ride it?
I loved the whole idea behind it. The fact of having your own place to move stuff around to make cool set-ups and have fun with friends couldn’t get much better. Being one of the first was for sure an honor!

BAKER'S DOZEN: Corey Martinez from The Bakery on Vimeo.


What was your favorite part or obstacle to ride at The Bakery?
The uprail is by far my favorite!

If you had to compare The Bakery to another place that you’ve ridden before, what street spot or skatepark would that be?
I would have to say the Etnies TF. I love that place as well.

Will you be going back to ride The Bakery anytime soon?
Yes, I hope to bring the wifey on the next visit in May. It will be more about showing her a good time than about riding, though. I can’t imagine not having at least one quick session though.

Aside from Aaron Ross and Van Homan, who are the only other non-locals who have ridden the place, who else would you love to see ride The Bakery?
Man, any peg-based rider who goes there is someone I want to see ride! I would love to see Edwin De La Rosa!

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