Red Bull Curates at the Scope Art Fair in Miami Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House

This week, continuing into Sunday, could be the biggest on the art world calendar, with the entire cavalcade of artists, dealers, collectors and fans descending on Miami for no less than half a dozen art fairs.

One of the biggest -- behind Art Basel in Miami Beach, which anchors the week -- is the SCOPE Art Fair. This year, Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project gave 10 emerging artists the chance to show their works to a new audience.

“I wanted to be true to my two passions which are art and fashion,” said Claw Money, one of the 10 artists selected by Red Bull Curates in an event in New York City.

nullClaw Money at the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami/Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House

Earlier this year, selected artists from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago were given one Red Bull cooler to customize. The coolers were on display in exhibitions where 10 artists were ultimately picked -- by judges and fans -- to participate at SCOPE.

The other Red Bull Curates artists at SCOPE are Gerardo Cid, L’Amour Supreme, Kosbe, Goons, Hebru Brantley, Don’t Fret, Gregory Siff, Hans Haveron and Lydia Emily.

Claw Money, an alias for Claudia Gold, completed a series of 3x3 paintings for the Miami group show and used the opportunity to experiment with a new technique.

nullLos Angeles artist Gregory Siff (left) at the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami/Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House

“I printed on denim for the canvas," she said. "I splattered, gessoed and silk screened on top of it. A lot of my time is spent silk screening T-shirts. It’s a different process than pulling out a spray can and doing a mix of acrylic and enamel.”

Claw Money, who has roots in both the New York graffiti scene and in fashion, said she has been influenced by the work she’s seen at SCOPE.

“I’ve been up in everybody’s booth," she said. "There’s this Japanese artist. I guess he takes digital images and recreates them in gloss; they’re very ethereal and beautiful. I’m really inspired by people’s technique. I want to try stuff I never thought about. I want to do stuff with resin and make things that are shiny. I want to be glossy.”


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