Curren Caples on the rail at his private skatepark Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Since the age of 4, Curren Caples has possessed an extraordinary gift for skateboarding. It all began for him when his dad -- former professional surfer Evan Caples -- introduced him to a skateboard while hanging out in their family’s front yard. By the age of 6, skateboarding grew into an activity that Curren quickly picked up, and others immediately took notice of his exceptional ability and skill.

Still, his parents had no clue at the time just how good he was in relation to other kids his age. Due to his love for skateboarding, his mother Shelly enrolled him for a week of skate camp at the now-defunct Skate Street skatepark near their home in Ventura, California, and from that point forward it became apparent just how freakishly good Curren was at rolling around upon four urethane wheels and a plank of wood.

As a grom phenom, the future looked bright as he began to excel in local competitions. By age 11 he was sponsored by several larger skate brands and began to travel the world along with top professionals and amateurs under the power of his skateboarding capacity.

Going Nowhere Fast

But back home in Ventura, the day-to-day skateboarding for Curren eventually hit a tough spot. His skateboarding had outgrown the few public skateparks available to him near his home. These outdated skateparks provided less than desirable terrain and lacked advanced features -- Curren was at a crossroads with his skateboarding.

null Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

His stoke was fading, and although his parents were taking turns driving him to skateparks over 60 miles each way just to maintain his interest, his progression had hit a plateau.

Private Skatepark

With financial assistance from his sponsors, Evan was able to locate and clean up a crusty and dusty 3,500-square-foot warehouse space in nearby Oxnard in order to provide a private skate zone for the now 15-year-old Curren to skate with his friends.

The goal was to provide a dedicated location for regularity, consistency and progression where Curren could learn new tricks and then take them out to the real streets and skateparks, skate demos and competitions of the world.

Soon enough, California Skateparks designed and created a custom skatepark with smaller-sized street features with rails and concrete ledges and a couple of perfect quarterpipes topped with pool coping to maintain speed and flow for Curren and his guests. Renowned artists Todd Bratrud, Bigfoot and Jason Maloney cleverly embellished the interior’s tall walls with their colorful artwork to bring it all together.

null Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

In just over the two months since the skatepark was completed, Curren is learning new tricks with regularity and he’s feeling the benefits of his skatezone with a stoke that’s larger than ever.

Look for Curren to compete at this summer’s X Games 17 in Los Angeles on July 28-31.

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