Daniel Dhers on his way to his fourth Dew Cup title in Las Vegas Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

It all came down to the wire over the weekend for the BMX Park Championship title at the Dew Tour Finals in Las Vegas. Heading into the event, Daniel Dhers was the leader in overall points and on track to pick up his fourth Dew Cup title, but he had Garrett Reynolds - the guy who had ended his three-in-a-row streak last year - close behind.

As Dhers prepped for his second run sitting in 7th place, Reynolds was in second, threatening to take his second consecutive title. Dhers wasn't about to go out like that, kicking off his run with a no-handed 720 and following with his usual technical mastery, throwing 360 double whips and multiple flair and 720 variations. He took over second place with that run, putting the title firmly back into his hands.

Of course, a party was in order, but not before Anthony Napolitan worked his own magic later in the day to land on the podium in the Dirt event, nailing a superman seatgrab Indian 360 and a triple-tailwhip 360. Then it was off to Vegas nightclub Pure to get wild. Daniel gave us a quick rundown of a fun 24 hours in Las Vegas; check it out below:


10:25 p.m. Friday - Room 312, Hard Rock Hotel:

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Chilling in my room, relaxing and thinking about my run - I'm visualizing what I'm going to do. Trying to pack my tricks back-to-back and wondering if it will work. I would love to be at the bar, but I'd rather be rested for the contest.


9:15 a.m. Saturday - Mr. Lucky's Diner:

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Had a good breakfast with my mom; she came from Argentina to see me ride. I'm preparing for the final hour. I got oatmeal - it's lighter to digest and the fruit gives me some needed sugar. I'm ready for battle!


3:00 p.m. - Park Course - clinched Cup championship:

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I feel amazing! I was so in doubt for a moment, but once my first trick was landed all I could think was: "Don't fall, don't fall." It feels so good to have the Cup in my hands!


7:45 p.m. - Dirt Course:
Now that I'm done competing I can relax a bit and enjoy the event. I'm here watching my friends compete in the BMX Dirt finals. Stoked for Anthony Napolitan who got 3rd. I cannot believe Brandon Dosch won the cup. He was hungry for it!


11:15 p.m. - Pure Nightclub, Caesar's Palace:

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At my official after party. The view up here is amazing. I have all my friends, bottle service, they are playing Lil' Wayne... it's going to be a good night!


2:45 a.m. - Still at Pure Nightclub:

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Talking trash with Anthony...probably can't repeat it. What happens in Vegas...

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