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Pro BMX rider Daniel Dhers is a contest killer, having won just about everything there is to win in BMX Park competition multiple times. A three-time X Games gold medalist and four-time Dew Tour Park overall champion, Dhers rarely falters when it’s go-time, firing out countless tailwhip, flair and 720 variations in his runs. From annihilating box jumps, spines and quarters to inventing the completely insane Cash Roll, Dhers is one of the most amazing ramp riders to ever get on a BMX bike.

Check out the following five must-see videos from Dhers below, documenting some of his best moves while also showcasing his contributions outside of the contest scene.

Shredding in Slovenia

Daniel loves to travel the world, and this stop at a skatepark in Slovenia is just one of the many places he’s shut down along the way. Although he excels on the huge ramps at the major contest events, his years of riding at Woodward have helped him develop all-around skills, proven by the way he rides this tight park.


Las Vegas Skatepark Session

Daniel’s no stranger to concrete, and he’s a big fan of Las Vegas, so it’s no surprise to see him sessioning some legendary Sin City public parks. Here’s an edit put together on one of his many passes through the desert oasis.

Daniel Dhers in Las Vegas - More BMX Videos


Hometown Sessions in Caracas

It’s cool to see the ramps and street spots where Daniel got his start in BMX, and that’s exactly what he shows us in part one of a special visit to his hometown of Caracas. Not exactly the perfect set-ups he’s accustomed to riding now, it's just proof that with passion and hard work, anything is possible. Check out part two and part three, as well.


Red Bull Under My Wing, Trinidad and Tobago

Dhers knows what it’s like to grow up with a passion for BMX without having the riding resources available to really hone your skills, so he’s always down to help out younger riders realize their BMX dreams, especially in his native South America. He traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for his first installment of Red Bull’s Under My Wing program, instructing and inspiring the locals. He has since completed other Under My Wing appearances in Chile, Colombia and Peru.


Caracas Warehouse Edit

Although his early days in Caracas left him a little empty-handed when it came to spots to ride, things have thankfully changed for the better. Whenever he’s at home in the off-season, Dhers gets to session this exclusive ramp set-up built by one of his friends, so he can keep his tricks on point year-round.

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