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There was an overwhelming response to our live question and answer session with Danny MacAskill on Tuesday; in case you didn't get a chance to log on, here are Danny's responses in full...

@Josh Hill: Did breaking your collarbone change your view on biking at all?
Danny: No, not really. Injury is all part of riding bikes, so I try not to let things like that get in the way of having fun.

@Rosie Watts: Do you get recognized in the street after your YouTube hit?
Danny: If I’m riding my trials bike in Edinburgh then I’ll get recognized, but no not really. I like to be fairly anonymous.

@Seb: What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Danny: I’d say that doing the wall ride above the window of my local bakery in Dunvegan at the end of the new video. I was fully expecting to end up in the bread-mixer.

@James: What’s it like being Skye’s biggest export (replacing Mylo)?
Danny: Unfortunately I’m not Skye’s biggest export. One of my relatives Giant Angus MacAskill is though. He’s the tallest true giant to have lived.

@Victor Ryder: Hey, did you just pretty much drive around and look for spots or was it a planned trip?
Danny: Through my injury last winter I had a lot of time to scout all the spots by looking on the internet at pictures and visiting the spots before taking my friends Dave and Mark to do the filming.

@wheresbeth: Who’s idea was the journey back to your hometown? Also, how were the campervan dynamics along the way?
Danny: It was actually Red Bull’s idea to do a film closer to home back on Skye; as soon as that seed was planted in my head it grew into this latest video. The van aerodynamics were ruined by crash mats on the roof.

@Will: Do you have any fear? Or are you a rare breed of human being that simply has no fear? Just wondered if you were pretty cool while doing your tricks, or if you were secretly sh**ing it?
Danny: I do have a lot of fear, but also a good deal of stupidity and stubbornness as well.

@Hamza Hashmi: Hey Danny, what tips would you give someone who wants to push the limits of trials/BMX like yourself?
Danny: I would say try to be as creative as possible. There’s no rules to riding, so just do what you want and make sure it’s fun.

@Matt Butterworth: Hey Danny, people say we look the same. Does that mean we should get married or what?
Danny: No. Nay chance!

@Josh Greene: What’s the biggest or weirdest thing you have fallen off while riding?
Danny: The worst thing I’ve fallen off is a red phone box in the middle of nowhere with a peat kicker.

@andrew brown: Bar hump or snake skid?
Danny: Bar hump snake skid – best of both  

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@Tyler Sheremet: When and how did you get into trials? Because it is a highly skilled sport, and is very tough and frustrating at first?
Danny: I started riding bikes from a young age on Skye doing skids and wheelies, like all kids do. I’ve always just ridden for fun and progression is quite slow with trials so it’s just a case of sticking at it and you’ll get there in the end.

@Ryan Scott: How did you learn to flair and backflip off the more ridiculous objects on a trials bike?
Danny: I learned how to do flairs and backflips in the skateparks and then took them into street riding.

@Ryan C: If you could ask Danny MacAskill one question what would it be?
Danny: What’s for tea?

@James: What 3 things would you want to have with you on a desert island, if you could only have 3?
Danny: Camper van. Inspired trials bike. A shit load of Red Bull.

@Jim Bishop: What was your favorite riding spot in the film? How did you find it?
Danny: My favorite spot in the riding clip is probably the bakery wall ride in my local village. I found it by walking out of the bakery with a big pasty. And then saw the grass bank and the wall and thought I could maybe jump up there one day.

@MW: With your new found (and deserved) fame, does any of the pressure effect your passion? I guess what I'm asking is: is it hard to come up with new stuff when you are expected to do it?
Danny: With the type of riding I'm doing there are no real rules, so I can link together whatever tricks I like. I don't feel too pressured to come up with new stuff all the time, just variations of what I do.

@Kenny W: BC, PBW or another move?
Danny: Snake skid of course!

@Jay: What age will you stop riding around :p or will you just ride till you can't ride no more ;)
Danny: I'm going to try to push my riding as long as I can so I'll see how long I can push my luck for!

@Nick Goddard: Is it possible to see you on a 26" in next vidz? Why this choice of 24"?
Danny: I ride 24" because they're stronger, but I might give a 26" Inspired Hex a go over the winter.

@mason c: Danny, would you recommend the new Inspired trials bikes because im riding a zoo at the moment and looking to upgrade or something?
Danny: Yes I love mine! The new model comes with front flips ;)

@stannii: What was the first trick you learned/attempted? Gonna try when I get a trials bike :P
Danny: The first big trick I learned was trying to drop a 3 foot water tank on my Raleigh Burner. I landed it as well, I felt like E.T.!

@jacqueline: I made a presentation about you in school and I got an A :)
Danny: That's ironic, I don't think I ever got an A.

@Adam DMR: Did you enjoy having the camper to get you around and live in ?
Danny: The camper van is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life; being able to travel around with your kitchen, bed and disco all at the same time...!

@Malcolm Turner. Hi Danny. Did I teach you when you were in first year in Portree High? Malcolm Turner (Mr. Turner!)
Danny: Yes, I think you did. My memory's bad these days. Which subject did you teach?  

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@Tommy: Hey Danny. What kind of music inspires you and songs in particular? thanks tommy
Danny: I generally listen to pretty chilled out music when I ride, bands like The Joy Formiddable are a current favourite, but while driving the camper van I like something a bit faster... Judas Priest!?

@Stephen: Hey Danny..do you ride motorcycle trials as well? Curious if you would consider doing some extremcross here in the States. Nevertheless, you are amazing to watch bro!
Danny: No sorry, motorcylces are too dangerous for me, and extremcross sounds like I'd break my collarbone again!

@Alex Zamani: What are Bitch Cranks?
Danny: Bitch Cranks, otherwise known as BCs, are when you're doing a manual along a wall and halfway through as the wheel drops you put a pedal kick in to keep the manual going, making it an unpulled trick.

@wheresbeth: Uni-flips, tailwhips, flying jump mounts... what trick do you think has the most awesome name... and can you do it?
Danny: My favorite trick is the backside lick... involving pedalling backwards and doing a skid with the front wheel.

@David McDermid: whats ur favorite bike in the whole world?
Danny: My Inspired trials bike.

Danny @Lee: The best moment of the trip was cycling down the hill after the last front flip off the water tank and feeling relief of finishing filming

Danny @Simon Hanle: I don't ride slopestyle contests because I don't think I'm competitive enough

@Andrey: what does doing a "skid" look like?
Danny: Depends what kind of skid... ;)  Steer into it, throw the back wheel out and point for extra style points!

@BigPete: Such beautiful countryside. Must be nice?
Danny: Yeah I spent a lot of time looking for the spots to do the riding I wanted to do, especially around my home island Skye.

Danny@Ben: No I'm not going back to California this winter, too dangerous for my collarbones! I've broken it twice in California already... riding pump tracks for the loose!  

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@sooke rider: Hey, do you do any other styles of riding other than trials?
Danny: Yes I ride a lot of mountain bikes, both xc and downhill - they're awesome!

@Daniella: Do you have any healthy or physical problems because of riding? For example pain in the hands from too much riding?
Danny: No I don't have any physical problems because of riding, apart from maybe bruised heels and wonky looking collarbone!

@morohai ilie: hi danny ..i want to ask you if you broken something on the bike along this journey..the bike looks very solid and you land so smooth on the drops .....the video is the best i seen so far .....street trial rulz!!! big up from romania
Danny: I snapped my handlebars when jumping the telephone box, but I crashed the day before and twisted them so I had it coming really!

@zanzibar: do you wish that you still had me? Zanzibar?
Danny: Yes I wish you were still in my front window

@blairh111: any tips for front wheel hops?
Danny: Practice on a pogo stick first! ;) Hone in your skills then take it to the brake!

@Tommy:  Hey danny. I am always bending my rims when i try big drops (not like your crazy ones). What wheel build do you reccommend? 
Danny: I recommend Atomlab pimp rims on Hope hubs with DT spokes, solid!

@Raymund: Hi Danny, have you ever tried going brakeless? What are your views regarding brakeless trials?
Danny: No I've never tried, I enjoy my brakes too much! I think brakeless trials is a great way to be creative on the bike and to do something different, but not for me.

@Steve: Do you like haggis?
Danny: Yes, ken neebs.

Danny @Mike: No I didn't feel any pressure to make this video better than the April '09 video, because I knew trying to get everything right was always going to be pretty much impossible. I thought I'd go for something that has a different type of feel to it.

@Mat: Obviously trials/street riding is what your famous for, but do you dibble and dabble in other areas of the sport? We've all seen the film you did with Peaty and Hans, but was that a 1 off thing for you or do you generally enjoy all aspects of bike riding?
Danny: I enjoy riding mountain bikes, both xc and downhill, they're both amazing fun. That's what I normally do when I'm not riding my trials bike.  

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@David: Practice or skill to become a good rider?
Danny: Practice (and a bit of luck!)

@t-rex: Danny, did you tidy your room before leaving the house?
Danny: I had to move out of my flat into a camper van, so technically yes... the camper is actually in a pretty good way, I still haven't had any offers... come on! I'll get a racing stripe put on it if you want.

@huwarcher: have you been to Wales? If you have did you like it???
Danny: No I've never been to Wales, maybe I'll do some riding there soon, I hear you have good mountains... and sheep!

@Yahel: Hey Danny! How did you feel when you found out you were world famous? How did it feel to frontflip that massive drop off the castle wall? Thank you very much!!!
Danny: Maybe one day I'll be world famous, it's not a goal of mine, but it felt pretty good to do a front flip off a castle!

@Donnie Macphee: whats your favourite energy drink?
Danny: Do you need to ask...? Red Bull of course!

@Andy: Wow....Great!!!!!! How many times did you crash during making this film?
My crashometer read about 1000... I have no idea, but my helmet's got a few dents in it!

@Lukas Hoffmann: do you repair everything on your own on your bike?
Danny: Yes, I always do all my own mechanic work, wheel builds etc... that way if anything goes wrong I've only got myself to blame.

@Barney: Hey Danny - worth waiting for! Are they going to auction off the camper van now you've trashed it!!
Danny: who say's I've thrashed it...? It's in perfect working order and should fetch top dollar. Anyone looking to buy one? Offers please, one careful owner...

@John Burns: What did you consider to be the hardest trick in the film?
Danny: One of the hardest tricks in the film was probably the front flip off Edinburgh Castle as it was blowing a force 10 hooly! It was also raining really heavily, if it wasn't for that it would have been easy...! ;)

@Christian Equihua: I want to start off in urban riding any recommendatios for what i should look for in a bike?
Danny: It's worth looking for a bike that's got solid wheels and solid components, a small frame is a good idea as well so you can maneouvre (is that spelt right?)

@Lukas Hoffmann: what would you change in your life if you could? regards from germany
Danny: I'd go back and make sure I had a camper van for the other 24 years of my life rather than just the last 4 months!

@Ben: do you think jumping off skip bins on a pogo stick is a good alternative to trials?
Danny: yeah I reckon so, that sounds fun! Trials bikes are basically pogo sticks anyway ;)  

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@Anders: What's your favorite vacation spot?
Danny: Isle of Skye of course... it's my home!

@Kyle Archer: what got u into riding street like bmx but trials at the same time ?
Danny: I've been riding trials for years, but because I ride by myself a lot I like to keep things fun by adding a few tricks. That's how I began riding the way I do now.

@Callum: what kind of bike did u start riding on and what inch was it :)
Danny: I started riding on a Raleigh Burner 16" wheel bike, it did pretty good skids ;)

@Robin: Hey danny, my dad just wondered... How many frames have you broken ruffly?
Danny: When I was younger I used to break quite a lot of frames, but now that I'm with Inspired they tend to last me a lot longer.

@PG: Hi Danny. I have a question. Could u tell me please who is the artist of the first song? Fan from Edinburgh.
Danny: A band called Loch Lomond, the track is called Wax and Wires.

@Sam Trewin: Is youre last name actually macaskill?
Danny: Yes.

@Ryan: Danny will you marry me ?? :)
Danny: No... sorry dude.

@Leo: What age did you start biking? and has it always been trials?
Danny: I started riding from the age of 4 on mountain bikes, I've never ridden BMX.

@Ali C: Are you my hero?
Danny: Probably not.

@Brian Smithley: How did you get your balance so good?
Danny: Mr. Myagi taught me.

@Alex Reynolds: What first inspired you to go out and ride and practice to get yourself to where you are now?
Danny: On Skye one of the main things to do for me was ride my bike, not much else to do so I ended up getting pretty good... I still like a good skid though!

@ Zakhar Okunev: Are you sponsored?
Danny: Yes... by the Jack MacAskill museum! Also Red Bull!

Inspired to watch the video again? Check it out here!



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