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Last night, DeMarcus Ware, the famed outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, brought down quarterback Eli Manning in the first quarter of his team's 24-17 defeat of the New York Giants to record the 100th sack of his career.

NBC celebrated the occasion with a number of animated graphics to illustrate Ware's dominance: He reached the milestone sack in only 113 games; only the immortal Reggie White got there faster (95 games). Ware has also accounted for 35.5 percent of Dallas's sacks since 2006 -- that's the highest percentage of any other player on any other team.

But how does DeMarcus stack up to Hall of Famers like Reggie White and Bruce Smith?

Ware finished with two sacks on the evening, bringing him to 101.5 on his career. That number lands him just outside the top 20 sack artists of all time. Only three active players -- Dwight Freeney (102.5), Jared Allen (105) and John Abraham (112) -- have more sacks than Ware.

From 2005-'11, Ware averaged about 14 sacks per season. If he keeps up the pace he could find himself in the top 20, right between Eagle great Clyde Simmons (121) and former Houston Oiler Sean Jones (113).

Even more exciting: Ware now sits only 98.5 sacks behind all-time leader, Bruce Smith. If the 30-year-old Ware keeps up his current pace he'll catch Smith -- who retired in 2003, at the age of 40 -- in seven years. The chase is on!

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