Winner DJ Deception in action Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Top DJs from Saint Louis went all out at The Old Rock House for Red Bull Thre3style. The proficiency behind decks that “rock the party” is defined by Red Bull Thre3style’s unique format, different from other DJ battles, that calls for a three-genre minimum, three-piece judge panel and a good, loud response from the crowd. With a night full of unheard party mixes fused with dance floor mayhem, DJ Deception was favored the winner and will represent St. Louis in Las Vegas this November for the national finals. 

Hailing originally from California, DJ Deception has won two national DJ battles after consuming most of his time scratching ever since his mom got him a turntable as a gift years ago, but Red Bull Thre3style is the first experience he’s had representing STL in this type of format while getting the chance to slip into the World Finals in Vancouver to compete against DJs from all over the globe.

Coming in second and third place were DJ Who and 2nd-time STL participant DJ Uptown. Other competing DJs included DJ D-Mega, DJ Needles, DJ A-Flex, DJ Kue, and DJ Lonnie Bee. Also playing a major role in the event were STL staple Charlie Chan Soprano as host, judges such as D-lux and Rick Mansfield, who introduced house music to STL in the 80s. DJ Costik also performed a special set alongside last year’s STL winner, DJ MAHF

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2010

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