Red Bull Thre3Style Brooklyn Winner DJ GETLIVE Red Bull Content Pool

The Brooklyn event had $1,000 and a trip to Washington DC for the East Coast Finals on May 3 at stake. Each DJ put down one electrifying set one after another, but it was DJ GETLIVE! and his opening set that left the crowd cheering and the judges impressed. He must have made quite an impression getting the night started but it was up to the remaining 8 DJ’s to out-mix and get the crowd behind them. GETLIVE! had the crowd going crazy from the minute his first song played to when he stepped off the stage with his insane mix of hip hop, electro, pop and metal - System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey” which went down like a dream. 

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Red Bull Thre3Style is a truly unique and challenging DJ competition. Contestants have 15 minute sets where they’re required to play (at least) three different genres of music, competing to see who has the best mixing skills and can keep the crowd going crazy.

Red Bull Thre3style Brooklyn Winners

  • 1st Place: DJ GETLIVE!
  • 2nd Place: DJ Equal
  • 3rd Place: DJ Stimulus

The evening was hosted by Akrobatik of The Perceptionists and featured DJ GETLIVE!, DJ Cobra Krames, DJ Synapse, DJ Dances with White Girls, DJ Theory, DJ Vinyl Richie, DJ Equal, DJ Stimulus and DJ Kalkutta as well as a set by Total Eclipse and Rob Swift of The X-Ecutioners who, per usual, absolutely killed it. 

null Red Bull Content Pool

All the participants proved their seemingly flawless technical skills as they effortlessly transitioned from one banger of a track to another, utilizing the infectious energy. It was impossible not to get caught up in the moment, lose yourself and rock out.

All DJ’s proved to be different and unique in their own right. Even though operating under the same guidelines - from mixing styles, scratching, music selection, to crowd interaction- some were more in the zone, focusing intently on their turntables where as others rocked out just as hard as the crowd as they spun their magic.

Red Bull Thre3style World Finals 2010

The next Red Bull Thre3Style will be at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.

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