Drew Bezanson flips a hip at Joyride 150 bike park in Toronto Justin Kosman/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Canadian Drew Bezanson bomb-dropped into his third consecutive Simple Session victory over the weekend, topping a field of over 100 riders from around the globe. One of the biggest and most important events on the BMX calendar, the event draws the hottest talent in the game for a weekend of insane riding and raucous nightlife in Tallinn, Estonia.

Bezanson, who also qualified in the top position, was joined in the 24-rider final by Red Bull teammates Michael Beran (Czech Republic), Bruno Hoffmann (Germany), Sebastian Keep (England), Sean Ricany (USA) and Sergio Layos (Spain). Beran and Hoffmann landed in sixth and seventh place, respectively, with Beran spinning bikeflip airs and a double tailwhip backflip and Hoffmann getting tech with two-and-three-trick combos and a 360 over the rail.

Bezanson clinched the win by switching up his runs, doing unique moves and charging full-throttle every moment he was on the course. He began his first run in the final by bomb-dropping into a quarterpipe from high atop a scissor lift, following with moves that combined balls-out fury with technical skill, including a downside icepick high on a quarter/wedge set-up and a huge flair transfer.

Check out some highlights and an interview with Drew from ESPN:


The win marks a triumphant return for Bezanson, who had been off his bike for half of 2011 recovering from a troublesome head injury. Although his last two seasons were cut short by injury, Drew had been on track to dominate in both 2010 and ‘11, and it looks as if he’s kicking off 2012 set to shred all year long.


1. Drew Bezanson
2. Brett Banasiewicz
3. Harry Main
4. Daniel Sandoval
5. Pat Casey
6. Michael Beran
7. Bruno Hoffman
8. Alex Kennedy
9. Kevin Peraza
10. Josh Harrington

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