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Tonight in Brooklyn, 24 of BMX's biggest names are set to throw down at the Red Bull Trick or Treat BMX street contest. Red Bull athlete Edwin De La Rosa is hosting the event, and rightfully so - not only is he an undisputed legend of street riding, he's also an icon of the New York scene. We decided to dip into his knowledge of the city for the inside line on where to get the best slice of pizza, pick up a mix tape or get your bike dialed in. Read on to see some of the spots he recommends...

You’ve had a lot of input into this year’s Red Bull Trick or Treat event; what can we expect?
There’s going to be fewer ramps and more street obstacles. The rider list will be a little different than the last event in Rochester – there will be more street guys coming through. I put together about half the rider list and helped out with the course. We just didn’t want to have a typical contest ramp set-up, you know? It’s going down in Greenpoint Park in Brooklyn, and it’s a free event. It’s going to be sick with the city skyline in the background.

So do you go all-out with costumes when Halloween comes around?
Nah, I’ve probably dressed up once or twice. If I can find a cool mask and I can ride in it, maybe I’ll have it on for the contest. The one I remember from the last Red Bull Trick or Treat was Kevin Porter’s – he was a big orange traffic cone. A few years ago at Union Square, I saw somebody dressed up as an iPod, that was pretty cool.

So what’s the best thing to do for Halloween in NYC?
Go check out the parade on 6th Ave (from Spring St. to 15th St.). That’s always cool to go to.

Best borough? "Brooklyn. ...all the best rappers are from there."

Where can you get the best slice of pizza in NYC?
I don’t know if I should blow my spot up! It’s called Patsy’s; hands down the best slice in the city. It’s at 1st Ave and 117th St. If you want a cheap slice, they got a place on St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd, they sell dollar slices that are pretty decent.

How about the best sandwich?
Pretty much any deli in town. If you’re looking for a regular ham-and-cheese-lettuce-tomato type sandwich, you can get it at just about any deli in New York.

Best bike shop?
Post and Dah Shop.

Best bar or club?
I never go to clubs, so I couldn’t tell you that, but a good bar is Max Fish at Ludlow St. and Houston.

Best place to ride?
The whole city. A lot of people like to ride different shit, and this city has something for everybody.

Best spot for music?
There’s this place - pretty much around the corner from Max Fish - I go there every once in a while to buy mix tapes… I think it’s called Burkina. They sell mix tapes, rap albums, t-shirts, and they’ve got pictures of all the rappers that actually came through. It’s cool.

Best borough?
Brooklyn. That’s where I’ve been for a long time. I like it; I’ve never moved out. Plus all the best rappers are from there.

Best airport?
LaGuardia, because that’s the closest to my house. 

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Best place to chill?
Union Square.

Best people watching?
Union Square. You can sit there for hours and watch people walk past. It’s a cool spot.

Best view?
Crossing the Williamsburg bridge.

Best place to go on a date?
Ah... take her to dinner and a movie, or a museum? New York City has so many different kinds of girls, so there are lots of different things you could do. I’d probably take a girl to the MOMA.

Best barber shop?
I cut my own hair (laughs), so I don’t really know. There’s a barber shop behind Post…

Best way to get around?
Bike or train.

Best thing to do when it rains?
Chill in the crib, go to the movies… Check out some galleries and see some artwork.

Best place to see celebrities?
Everywhere. I see them all the time, it’s crazy. Last night I went to this show down the block from my house and I saw Spike Jonze and Mike Myers, just chilling out. That’s a pretty crazy combo to see in one night.

null Jeff Zielinski/Red Bull Photofiles

Best thing about living in NYC?
You don’t need a car. Everywhere else you’ve gotta have a whip, and it just becomes a pain in the ass. You can jump on your bike, skateboard, take the train – whatever. It’s chill.

Best thing about fall or winter in NYC?
Fall is the best time to ride. Fall and spring, but fall is prime time. It’s a little cooler out, you’ve got the hoodie on so you’ve got an extra layer of protection for when you fall. In the winter time – personally, I like the snow. I like the seasons, I like being cold and bundling up. It’s a good time to chill and check out indoor skateparks and travel a little bit to warmer climates.

Best thing about coming back to NYC after a trip?
For me, just seeing a whole bunch of graffiti. I like seeing the buildings and seeing the graffiti, things that remind me of New York.

Best art gallery?
I like going to Milk Studios.

Best bookstore?
There’s one called Oh Wow. It’s a real cool store. It’s in the cut somewhere. Another store I check out all the time is called aNYthing. They sell cool clothes, zines and shit like that that you can’t find other places. It’s on Hester and Essex.

Best bridge to bomb?
Williamsburg. That’s the best for scenery and a little fun going down the hill. All the bridges are dope, but that’s the one me and my homeboys take all the time. You can check out the whole city, then bomb into it or into Brooklyn, whichever way you’re going.





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