Edwin DeLaRosa Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

After a stunning two-week exhibit and crazed media attention, Edwin De La Rosa’s first solo photo gallery presented by Red Bull Through My Eyes at New York City’s Gallery Bar, will soon come to a close.

The installation featured over a decade of photos taken by Edwin on his Contax T2 and other point and shoot film cameras. All in attendance from the BMX community were stoked at his ability to capture the moment.

During its opening, the show saw appearances of many BMX pro riders including, Bob Scerbo, Tyrone Williams, Ralphy Ramos and Jeff Kocsis. It was also graced with the presence of a ton of well-known NYC area artists, photographers and media reporters.

The event has been a long time coming

Brian Tunney, General Editor at ESPN Action Sports, who attended the event said, “The event has been a long time coming. Edwin’s gallery showcases a side of Edwin that you don’t get from watching an Animal video, and that’s a pretty special thing” 

null Jeff Zielinski/Red Bull Photofiles

Much like Edwin’s unique and original perspective that has credited him success in BMX, his distinctive style is easily translated through his images. Early on, Edwin literally took a disposable film camera every place he went and captured the moment. "I don't even like shooting riding photos. I like capturing the things we did when we weren't riding," says De La Rosa. These images are “life in Urban America”, from behind the scenes on road trips to his life on the streets of New York City; his reflections are what he wants to remember.

De La Rosa, a BMX legend, is best known for revolutionizing the sport of BMX street riding by introducing the concept of riding brakeless with four-pegs and expanded the idea of extending lines of tricks. This was evident at the start of his career in the early 2000’s with the release of video parts in the Etnies, “Forward”, "Animal" and “Can I Eat” videos.

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