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Evans Blue is back with a vengeance. The alternative hard rock collective will release their fourth studio album “Graveyard Of Empires” on April 17th through independent label Sounds+Sights. “This Time It’s Different” serves as the leadoff single.

RedBullUSA.com is proud to exclusively premiere the tracklisting for “Graveyard Of Empires.”

The tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1) This Time It’s Different
  • 2) Crawl Inside
  • 3) Thank You
  • 4) Beyond The Stars
  • 5) Graveyard Of Empires
  • 6) Alone Not Lonely
  • 7) In The Shadow
  • 8) Live To Die
  • 9) Destroy The Obvious
  • 10) Warrior
  • 11) Underwater
  • 12) Halo

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