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2011 has been kind to the rock culture, but the year was perhaps the kindest to Eve 6. The SoCal trio (comprised of singer/bassist Max Collins, guitarist Jon Siebels and drummer Tony Fagenson) returned to original form in March, signed with Fearless Records soon thereafter and reunited with longtime producer Don Gilmore to record their upcoming fourth studio album, which is slated to drop in early 2012.

Now, the band is looking to spread some holiday cheer. We sat down with Collins and Fagenson to talk about their most memorable Christmas gifts, reflect on 2011 in pop culture and name their immediate goal for next year.

redbullusa.com: What is the favorite Christmas present you ever received?

Max Collins: The Transformer that transformed into a dinosaur.

Tony Fagenson: The first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). ‘Duck Hunt’ and ‘Super Mario Bros.’ led to a long misspent youth of TV screens and sore thumbs.

redbullusa.com: How about your worst Christmas gift ever?

MC: A Care Bear

TF: See above.

redbullusa.com: Which celebrity would you like to give a holiday gift to and what would you give them?

TF: I'd give Ashton Kutcher a diamond-encrusted patent leather muzzle. And deactivate his Twitter account.

redbullusa.com: What is on your Christmas list this year?

TF: I'm on a cooking kick, so some nice new kitchen items -- how about a good meat thermometer and some new knives? Anybody?

redbullusa.com: What was your naughtiest moment of the year?

MC: When my neighbor called in the middle of the night to say I was playing music too loud, I said "I'm an artist, baby," and hung up.

TF: See below in invisible ink - hold this up to a roaring fireplace and my answer will appear:

* *

Eve 6 First Noel

redbullusa.com: How about your nicest moment this year?

MC: I tried to save a baby possum in the street, but I was too late

TF: Donating to Alzheimer's research (www.alzfdn.org). We're making some progress on this one -- a little goes a long way.

redbullusa.com: In your opinion, what was the best television show in 2011?

MC: It was definitely one of ours, but I don't remember which.

TF: A tie between ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’

redbullusa.com: Your top five favorite songs of 2011 were?

MC: My top 5 songs of 2011 came out between 1978 and 1992.

TF: Florence and the Machine’s "Shake It Out,” Jane's Addiction’s "Irresistible Force," The Lonely Forest’s "Turn Off This Song and Go Outside," Britney Spears’ "I Wanna Go" [and] Noel Gallagher’s “(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine.”

redbullusa.com: What holiday song would you like to cover?

MC: “First Noel!” Oh wait, we did that already. How about Jingle Bell Rock?

redbullusa.com: What is your hope for Eve 6 in 2012?

County domination

TF: Ascension

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