Ambicide tries out bass players in this episode of Exit Vine

The second episode of 'Exit Vine,' the interactive scripted series on Red Bull Music, is out. In the first episode, we got to meet Natalie Lake, a singer-songwriter, and her drummer Charlie.

Natalie and Charlie have traveled from Ames, Iowa, to Hollywood to strike it big. A contest held by pop superstar Encore could be their shot. Encore is looking for an opening act to play her record release party in three weeks.

But Natalie and Charlie have a problem: They need a new bass player. When they left Iowa, they also left their alcoholic bass player (and Natalie's boyfriend). As they try out a series of L.A. musicians, the decision proves to be a tough one.

So who do you think the band should go with: Lee, the long-haired rocker with the opinionated girlfriend; Sinon, the compulsive liar; or Jean, who showed up for his try-out in a leopard print slip?

You have until Tuesday, February 12, to cast your vote.

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