Ambicide record a video in episode three of Exit Vine

In the third episode of 'Exit Vine,' the new interactive web series on Red Bull Music, the struggling L.A. band Ambicide have made their decision on who will play bass. But now they have to come up with a kick-ass music video.

The superstar diva Encore (played by singer Mia Rose), who is encountering problems -- albeit celebrity problems -- of her own, is holding a music video contest to pick which band will open up for her at her upcoming record release party.

The episode also features a guest turn by YouTube sensation Laina, a.k.a. Overly Attached Girlfriend, as Overly Attached Fan. Watch and enjoy.

Make your voice heard. Vote for your favorite music video on Red Bull Music. Voting closes February 27, midnight Pacific. Follow Red Bull on Twitter for more updates.



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