Hannah Mulholland as Natalie Lake in Exit Vine

A shift is coming in the world of Red Bull Music, which is set to premiere 'Exit Vine,' a new scripted series that puts viewers in charge of a struggling band's fate.

At the end of each episode, the band, led by a feisty singer-songwriter from Iowa, must make a critical decision. The audience will be given options to vote on what the band will do. And the following episode's script will be written based upon the most popular vote.

The 10-episode web series, which premieres January 28 at 9 p.m. PST,  is about chasing the famed 'Hollywood Dream.' The title, 'Exit Vine,' referes to Vine Street, an exit on the southbound Hollywood Freeway that takes you past many historic landmarks, including the Capital Records building, before dropping you directly in the heart of Hollywood.

The story centers around Natalie (played by Hannah Mulholland). Growing up in Ames, Iowa, with a schoolteacher mother and an absentee father, Natalie found a bigger world through music. She's now ready to prove that she’s not heading just another small town garage band, but ready to take on the toughest music city in the world.

All the songs in the series are performed by the actors. Mulholland is juggling filming 'Exit Vine' and recording her debut album, and has a channel on YouTube, where you can see her perform a beautiful rendition of 'Georgia On My Mind.'

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