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Kevin Robinson has been doing what he loves, riding BMX, for a long, long time. One of the most driven athletes in BMX Vert, he’s set some amazing goals and achieved them, never giving up on the things he wanted. Now a father of three and founder of the K-Rob Foundation, helping kids in his hometown stay involved in sports, Robinson is still as psyched on BMX as he ever was, and he still loves to share it with others.

Check out the following five clips of Kevin, featuring two of his all-time history-making accomplishments, some sessions at Woodward and a little non-riding action to keep it light. Listen for Kevin during ESPN’s TV coverage of X Games 17; he’s out with a shoulder injury at the moment, so he’ll be in the booth helping to call the BMX events (see the TV schedule here).

Woodward Session

This one goes back a few years, but as you can see, Kevin's had mad skills for a long time. He and his family moved back to his hometown of East Providence, Rhode Island recently, but he spent years living close to Woodward Camp's dream-like riding facilities. K-Rob's got talent, and Woodward helped him bring out his best.


Fuel's Firsthand

The good folks at Fuel TV made a trip to Woodward for a special Firsthand with K-Rob, running through what life is like at camp, and how he uses the facilities there to work up to new tricks.

Firsthand: Kevin Robinson by broadbandsports


Two in the Busch

Being a top vert rider sometimes has its benefits. While doing demos at Busch Gardens, K-Rob got an exclusive ride on the Griffon roller coaster with pro skater Bucky Lasek. Sometimes you need to do a little thrill-seeking without the bike, right?


Kevin Soars to 27 Feet

Kevin’s long-time friend (and long-time sponsor) Mat Hoffman was the pioneer of “big air” in BMX, building massive quarterpipes and setting certifiably insane records way back in the day. He set the record for highest quarterpipe air in 2001, blasting 26 and a half feet up. After the Big Air event debuted at X Games, K-Rob thought it was time to call attention to Mat’s earlier antics, so he decided to attempt to set his own record, with Mat on site. Kevin flew to 27 feet, giving props to Mat for the inspiration.


K-Rob Makes History with the Double Flair

Kevin was so determined to land this unbelievable move that he endured three years’ worth of attempts, breaking it down in his head over and over, convinced he could make it happen. Fully committed no matter what it took, he made history at X Games 2006, firing out the double flair in Vert Best Trick for the gold medal. Kevin’s still the only one to have landed the trick, evidence of just how nuts it is.


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