Team SweetWater semi-airborne at Red Bull Soapbox Race Atlanta Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Almost 50,000 screaming fans lined 10th Street at Piedmont Park in Atlanta to watch 36 teams race their way to soapbox glory on Saturday. After watching the Red Bull Air Force team skydive in to kick-start the race, the crowd cheered on a penguin, a fishbowl, a food truck and even a pair of high-heel pumps as they screeched down 10th Street in hopes of winning -- or at least making it to the finish line.

After valiant efforts from all the teams, it was Team SweetWater’s flying fish, with its retractable fins and wheelie-popping ability, that won the title of Soapbox Champion.

“It was a total team effort,” remarked SweetWater’s team leader, Brian O’Connell. “It’s a challenge to figure out how you can work within the limits and still do something that gets the crowd excited. It was a narrow margin; we just inched it out. It was fun to bring it home to Atlanta.”

The teams were judged on three criteria: speed, creativity and showmanship. Obviously, speed speaks for itself. The flying fish flew down the course without any problems on the jumps. To gain more showmanship points, the team wore outrageous fish costumes, acted out a great skit, and got the crowd’s attention with its one-of-a-kind craft.


Race viewers got involved this year and were able to name their fan favorite. The People’s Choice Award went to the Atlanta Rollergirls Racing Devils. The girls, with their wild costumes, hilarious skit and imaginative craft, skated their way into the hearts of thousands of fans, who were able to text their votes during the race.

The Atlanta event was the 12th U.S. Red Bull Soapbox Race to ever take place, with the first stateside race held in St. Louis in 2006. The global event dates back to 2000, when it first took place in Belgium, and has since visited almost 30 countries. Other stateside pit stops planned for 2012 include Red Bull Soapbox Race Texas, which is set to take place in Dallas on September 15.

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