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On Monday, Foo Fighters took the Roxy in Hollywood by storm to present their new album in one of two secret gigs in the L.A. area, and ChinaShop's Barbie Brady sneaked in to witness the show...

Sometimes, I absolutely love Los Angeles. Where else can you catch a band as big as the Foo Fighters playing a legendary auditorium like the Roxy on a Monday night? If you are 'in the know' and have been following the Foo tweets you might find yourself at one of their secret shows.

Let me put this into some kind of perspective for you kids out there who maybe don’t get how big this is (that’s right, my nephews - I’m looking at you).

The Foo Fighters don’t play bars. They haven’t had to do the small scene in over a decade. When they tour they do stadiums, arenas, massive festivals with hundreds of thousands of rampant screaming fans singing every blessed word. They have so many hit songs that even if they never created another single from now until the end of time they could still rock for over two solid hours and bring the house down. The idea that those britches haven’t gotten too snug yet is what keeps the faithful coming back for more.

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Rocking the Roxy

Last night they pulled out all the stops in the best rock venue on the Sunset Strip, the Roxy. They invited their long time idols and friends to join them on stage in this intimate gathering. Scream, Washington D.C. hardcore natives, opened the set. Anyone who grew up in any similar 'scene' back east has been to a show like this at one time. Gloriously righteous anthems, belted out to driving drum beats and licks that keep your forearm tense like coiled steel. So loud that your heart actually syncs to the rhythm.

Next up was the ever-talented Bob Mould. Sheepishly, he quipped, “Does anyone here even know who I am?" Hell, yes we know who you are, Bob! Writer of delicious Sugar songs such as If I Can’t Change Your Mind, which I have probably included on EVERY break-up/make-up mixed tape or CD I’ve ever assembled. Bob Mould of Husker Du legend.

He changed the complexion of punk rock music. He added melodies and sentiment and hooks that made you realize you were in the presence of something new. Mr. Mould had the balls to play alone on stage, just a man, a distinctive voice, and an electric guitar. It was epic.

And lastly, Dave Grohl and company rolled onto the stage like a freight train. Launching into the new album, track by track, Grohl didn’t bother coming up for air until the very end of the new stuff. At which point, he flashed that boyish grin and finally offered up a fond "Hello”.

This upcoming album is fierce. It's an honest, back to basics, rock record. You could hear the singles straightaway, they bounced round the room off many bobbing heads which soaked in the sound like sponges. And the best part is, they could have stopped at that, a solid hour of an as-yet-unheard album. But no, they didn’t get you out on a Monday just to send you off to bed with no supper. They played another 90 minutes of hit after hit. School night be damned.

If you find yourself in the L.A. area, start following some Foo Feeds. You may find yourself in a tiny room having the biggest night of your life.

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