Sam Taxwood at Snowboarder Mag Superpark 2011 Jeff Baker

Snowboarder Magazine once again put on an amazing Superpark event. The event is now in its 15th season and Mt. Bachelor played host to the best riders in the world as the five-day spectacle went off.

Each year, Snowboarder gathers the best terrain park builders from around the country to dream up a “Superpark.” The concept is “build it and they will come.”

The terrain park crews have one week to build two to three features and when it’s complete, riders session the park from morning ’til night with a chance to become “Superpark Standout” as voted by the Snowboarder staff. The shoot will ultimately end up as a 10-page feature as well as the cover of Snowboarder Mag -- so all riders threw down to impress the photographers and mag staff.

Super Builder All Stars

This year, the park crews that earned the right to build at Superpark were an all-star crew from Powder Corp (Eric Rosenwald from Boreal, Corey Tredkin from Killington, Jason George from Copper Mtn), High Cascade Camp, Seven Springs in Pennsylvania and the local builders from Mt. Bachleor. Each crew built unbelievable features that will only be seen at Superpark -- once the event was over, the jumps were gone forever.

Since Superpark is invite-only, it weeds out riders who aren’t at the top of their game. Those who come to the event are there to give it their all, and what’s amazing is that the event gathered riders from four generations of pro snowboarding.

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Terry Kidwell -- the very first pro snowboarder -- and Shawn Farmer represented “generation one.” Devun Walsh, Bjorn Leines and Peter Line came out from “generation two.” Bode Merrill and Dustin Crave represented “generation three,” while future stars Forest Bailey (pictured above), Scott Vine and Sam Taxwood (pictured at top) were “generation four.” All generations were shredding -- a spectacle only seen at Superpark.

Forest Bailey Killing

Forest Bailey took control of the Powder Corp wall ride with smooth front board slides to gap landing, showing why he’s one of the best and most respected young riders today. Most riders didn’t even attempt to hit the wall but Forrest straight up settled it.

Check out Forrest from the Day 4 video courtesy of Snowboarder Mag.

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