Garrett Reynolds Dan Busta/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Garrett Reynolds, the BMX street king coming off of his fifth consecutive NORA Cup award for Street Rider of the Year, continued his reign in San Francisco over the weekend with two big wins at the Dew Tour City Championships.

The Street event featured re-creations of many iconic San Francisco street spots, some still in action and some long since destroyed. Reynolds put together the most complete run on the course, featuring heavy moves like a barspin 180 to backwards crooked grind down a rail to 180 out and a tire-ride to tailwhip.

Garrett’s Red Bull teammate Bruno Hoffmann made the trip from Germany to lay down his own unique moves on the course, finishing on the podium in third.

The City by the Bay also hosted a new, one-off event: Streetstyle. Video parts filmed in San Francisco often incorporate the city’s downhill streets into high-speed lines, so the event was staged on a hill with obstacles scattered throughout the street to hit on the way down.

Reynolds began his final run with a crazy barspin 540 to fakie over a set of pallets and kept the heat on to eventually bump Dennis Enarson out of the top spot. Corey Martinez also made a strong showing, landing in fourth.

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