Garrett Reynolds competes in the BMX Street finals Christian Pondella/Red Bull Media House

Garrett Reynolds earned his wings on Wednesday and then put them to good use on Friday. The 21-year-old Red Bull athlete from Toms River, New Jersey, took gold in BMX Street, an event he has dominated at the X Games five years running.

"I did the same thing I've been doing every year, I just went out and did what I love to do," said Reynolds afterward.

Reynolds took the win after a determined final run. He landed a 540 barspin wallride and followed that with a double-peg 270 onto the chain link fence, rotating his front wheel up and around to land hardway.

He fell coming off the picnic bench, as time was about to expire, but the spill was not enough to offset his spectacular performance -- giving Reynolds enough points to leap 18-year-old Chad Kerley by two points.

When the contest was over, Reynolds appeared exhausted.

"The heat, I'm just dying," he told ESPN. "I can barely talk right now; that's how tired I am."

The BMX Street contest first appeared on the X Games schedule in 2008, and Reynolds has won it every year. This year, it required every bit of effort and energy to keep the streak alive.

Gold Garrett Reynolds 85.00
Silver Chad Kerley 83.00
Bronze Dakota Roche 69.00

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