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Today, cities around the world will celebrate what’s become an international holiday for the skateboarding community. From Vancouver’s Downtown Ripfest to Belfast’s Go SK8 in Northern Ireland, people will be getting together and riding for fun.

In Southern California, more than 500 skaters, including Red Bull athlete Ryan DeCenzo, are expected to take over Venice Beach Skatepark for the Go Skateboarding Day festivities.

Things were different a decade ago -- on July 14, 2002 -- when New Yorkers Kerel Roach and Bryan Chin organized the first All City Skate Jam and circulated flyers for a day-long gathering of skaters from all walks for life. The day was a celebration that gained attention from other pros and larger businesses, including the International Association of Skateboard Companies, which, a year later, christened June 21 Go Skateboarding Day.

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In New York City, local skate company 5Boro has worked with the city since 2004 to obtain the permits and insurance needed to hold contests at spots throughout the city. Last year’s GSD began at the newly-renovated Maloof Cup Park in Flushing Meadows, Queens, then headed to the Lower East Side Skatepark in Manhattan, before finishing the day with an afternoon session and block party at McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

This year kicks off at the same spot. Festivities begin at Maloof around 11:00 a.m., with a CCS-sponsored rail trick contest at noon. Tech genius Paul Rodriguez will be on hand with some Nike SB teammates, so expect a crowd.

Skaters will ride back to Manhattan for a 3:00 p.m. pyramid contest in the Lower East Side, before heading to McCarren Park for a long ollie contest.

Long live skate.

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