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Only in New York City could you pull off what went down on Go Skateboarding Day this year within the five boroughs. Skaters came from as far as Florida to take place in what was undoubtedly the largest celebration of GSD on the planet. Maloof Money Cup and 5boro as well as supporting sponsors Volcom, Vans, CCS and Red Bull helped take the event to a level that was never thought possible in the past. By having the sponsors’ never-ending support, the Maloof Cup Park, the LES Park and even the street in front of McCarren skatepark were closed for an all-out skate jam/block party.

On The Scene

We rolled with Steve Rodriguez of 5Boro throughout the day and the following is what he saw during GSD in NYC:

I arrived at Maloof Cup Park in Queens at 9:30 am to set up and the place was already packed with skaters hungry for the day’s events. When 11:00 a.m. rolled around, the jam session started, giving away some serious cash. Chris Anderson took home the top prize ($500) on the small rail and Keshaud Johnson took home $1500 on the CCS big rail contest.

null Jesse Untracht-Oakner/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

At 1:00 p.m. it was time to head out to LES via subway since it was just too far to skate. We hooked up Metrocards for those who didn't have them. Nothing like riding in an entire subway train (from front to back) filled with skaters. The 7 train to the F train to East Broadway in downtown Manhattan for the LES stop.

At about 1:45 pm, the first packs of skaters started showing up -- and by 2:15 pm the last of the skaters were rolling in just in time to see the Volcom Best Trick On/Over the Pyramid contest. Doogie (Sylvester Eduardo) walked home with the top prize of $500 after destroying the pyramid.

Around 4:00 pm, we rallied the troops and headed out of the park for what was the best part of the day, the skate from the LES park to McCarren park. The 3-mile skate through the streets of downtown Manhattan, over the Williamsburg Bridge and through the streets of Brooklyn is what it's all about to me. Really owning the streets with thousands of your fellow skaters -- nothing like it.

We showed up at McCarren around 4:30 p.m. and the park and street were already packed. Many of the skaters who had regents (high school final testing) could only make this stop. We were lucky we got the street closed (big ups to Open Space Alliance for making that happen).

null Jesse Untracht-Oakner/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

After the long skate over, the crowd took a breather and then skated the Manny Mania obstacles, which Red Bull put out on the closed street. Before we knew it, it was 6:30 pm and it was time to start the last contest of the day, the CCS Long Ollie contest.

Many bloody elbows and knees later, Queens native Luis Tolentino impressed the crowd with his ollies just as the cops were shutting us down. We were running behind schedule and had to wrap it up. Luis eventually landed a huge ollie and won the $1,000 CCS Long Ollie contest.

I've been to and organized many events in NYC and this was one of the best. The pictures speak louder than any of these words can. Try to make it out next year if you can and experience Go Skateboarding Day in NYC. Nothing like it anywhere in the world.

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