Red Bull King of the Rock visited America's Finest City in search of some of SoCal's finest streetballers. They say the early bird gets the worm, and some players showed up at San Diego's Embarcadero Marina Park before sunrise.

Red Bull King of the Rock welcomed back Dontae Burnett, who qualified for the finals on Alcatraz in last year's competition. This time the 5' 11" personal trainer from San Diego proceeded through each round, playing Vince Oliver in the final game of the day.

With four years of college basketball at UC Davis under his belt, Oliver, a 6' 3" Inglewood native, was no pushover. In spite of Burnett's impressive King of the Rock 2010 experience, Oliver kept the lead and won the game. Both players are among the chosen few who'll be at the Rock next month. Who else will make the cut?


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