The Red Bull LAN and its players sometimes speak a different language that most of us aren't accustomed to hearing. Here's a quick glossary just in case you're wondering WTF is going on.

Leave this open in another browser window while watching the live streaming of the Red Bull LAN so you can follow along or use it as a tool for a good drinking game that involves you and your friends taking a shot every time a player says one of the following:

One-Shot: A term used by a player to make his teammates aware that an opponent is nearly out of health.
Spawn(s): When players regenerate after being killed/when weapons return to the map after being used.
Camo: An item in-game which turns a player's character invisible.
Overshield (referred to as "O.S."): An item in game which gives players extra health for a period of time.
Call-outs: Various areas of the map have nicknames to allow players to quickly communicate the position of their opponents to fellow teammates. When a player communicates the position of an opponent to a fellow teammate, this is referred to as a "call out."
Power Weapons: Refers to powerful weapons in-game such as the Rocket Launcher or Sniper.
Team Slayer:
The first team with 50 points wins the game. Players aquire points by slaying their opponents.
Capture the flag: Teams attempt to grab a flag from their opponents and return it to their base. Capture the flag game types are played to either 3 points or 5 points, depending on the map.
Oddball: Teams fight for control of a ball. The first team that is able to hold and protect the ball for 250 seconds wins the game.
King of the Hill: Players must take control of an area of the map referred to as "the hill." The hill will move throughout the game, and players must adjust their positioning on the map to compete for time in the hill. The first team that reaches 250 seconds of hill time wins the game.

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